Public Relations Case Study

MMC Jewelry launched their new Spring and Summer Collection and needed to raise its brand image in the targeted location of South Florida as well as grow their online sales. The company sold the collection via an e-commerce platform and at the same time, the designer of MMC Jewelry wanted to expand into retail and spa locations in Florida.

How to Get Press, the right way

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Green-Apple - the marketing boutique pr servicesOn a tight budget but need to get some media attention? This post will help you get press from main stream media and social media.

First, get your elevator speech ready. Don’t make it about selling your product. It needs to be solution based. What problem do you solve? What makes you different from the competition? What market do you serve that is currently not being served by anyone else?

5 PR Tips To Help You Launch Your Product

Do you have a tight budget? Do you find yourself with no media contacts and with little to no brand visibility? As with many businesses today, you are probably wearing multiple hats, from the marketing manager, event planner to being your own publicists! Where do you start as you closely approach your product launch date?