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How to plan for B2B growth

To get your company to the next phase, you actually need marketing and sales staff that have an entrepreneurial mindset, truth-tellers, pioneers, resilient and curious by nature.

How to plan for B2B growth, Part I

If you are in B2B, preparing for company growth isn’t easy. There are so many moving parts to manage and control, even the best of companies can get it wrong sometimes. But when all the right signs are… Read More

What Makes A Good Brand

Three factors on what makes a good brand

I was recently asked, “what makes a good brand“? This is a great question and from experience, there are standards of good branding that we need to apply and there are sound business practices that will make a… Read More

The Marketing Boutique Receives The Silver Thanks Award

Successful Brand Reputation Program Highlights Leadership and Increases Membership.   Montreal, June 25, 2013 – Girl Guides, Quebec Council awards Cecilia Ponzi, the Silver Thanks Awards for excellent service where she crafted a current and meaningful brand reputation… Read More

Top Twitter Practices

Top 10 Best Practices for Twitter

Top 10 Best Practices for Twitter 2012