WordPress maintenance package

WordPress Maintenance and Support Service

  • Monthly Maintenance and Support Service
  • Applicable For one WordPress Site
  • Updates for Core, Themes and Plugins

Monthly WordPress maintenance at just $39 a month.

Making sure that your website runs without any issues is essential for a successful online business.

Spend time on what’s really important for your business. Let us manage your WordPress website because technology should be the least of your worries. You focus on selling, managing your team and implementing business growth strategies. We will make sure that your website runs smoothly every day!

For $39 a month, you will get daily cloud backups, core updates, plugin updates, theme updates, 24/7 security monitoring, and quick human support.

What’s Included in the Plan?

1. Daily Cloud Backups

Accidents happen, especially when it comes to technology. You’ll find your site either:

  • Slightly messed up
  • Irreparably broken
  • Gone in an instant

So how do we fix your website in any of these cases? With daily backups!

Because we do daily backups, we simply restore it from the most recent backup. So, in case something happens, we’ll get your website back and live in no time.

2. Core WordPress Updates

We will make sure that your website is running the latest, most secure WordPress. Most people believe that once they have a website, nothing else needs to be done. But, WordPress is under constant development. New features are being added. Bugs are being fixed. Security holes are being plugged.

As such, if WordPress is updated, then all of its component parts, including themes and plugins, need to be updated too.

3. WordPress Plugin Updates

We will ensure that all the plugins that are used on the website are updated whenever there is a newer version available. In the case of Premium plugins, you are responsible for maintaining the licenses. If there are no licensing issues, we will test and apply the updates.

4. WordPress Theme Updates

Along with WordPress core updates, your theme will also require updating. If the theme cannot be updated because of an expired license key, we will notify you.

Whenever there is an update available for core, a theme, or plugin that you’re using, we will make that update.

5. 24/7 Security Monitoring

Your website must be secured from viruses and hackers. We will monitor for any abnormalities, and help you recover the website in case some mishaps happen.

6. Quick Human Support

Providing quick and friendly support is what makes The Marketing Boutique different. Want to talk with the WordPress professionals? Just send us a message.

7. Database Optimization

Over time, your database can become bloated and full of extra junk. The longer the database doesn’t get cleaned up, the more junk accumulates, and the more your website will slow down. We’ll clean out all that junk. Examples include:

  • Deleted posts
  • Unapproved or spam comments
  • Unused categories and tags

Providing quick support is what makes The Marketing Boutique different. Want to talk with the WordPress professionals? Just send us a message.

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