If there is no plan, there is no future.

Marketing Communications Plan

Strategy planning is an essential process for company growth. The strategic plan is usually discussed, part of the meeting notes and then split up among senior management to work on specific pieces of this plan.

From exhibiting at trade shows, advertising, email marketing, social media marketing to content marketing, are all valuable tactics for many businesses but useless without an overarching marketing strategy plan in place.

Integrating Your Channels With Your Buyer’s Journey

Communicating with your future and current clients can take many channels. We will bring it all the together – traditional tactics and digital communications channels, selecting the right ones for your company – based on brand positioning, competitive analysis and SWOT – to develop a marketing communications plan that provides clarity, consistency, and greatest communication impact.


We’ll help to crystallise your vision into a concrete set of actions. This step will help to define your brand message, employee communication programs, sales materials and corporate communications.

Integrated Marketing Communications Program - B2B Software Company - Marketing Communications B2B Agency Montreal
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  • Research
  • SWOT
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Trends Analysis
  • Budget Development & Monitoring
  • Defining Strategy & Campaigns
  • Brand Messaging

Tactical development may include all or some of the following items listed.

  • Sales Lead Funnel
  • Communications Program
  • Digital Marketing
  • Public Relations Campaign
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing Strategy & Implementation
  • Sales Copy & Marketing Material
  • Product Launches
  • Trade Show Planning
  • Measurement


  • Website Design
  • Logo Design

Are you interested in learning more about our expertise in marketing strategy and planning? Check out our white paper, Top Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make Without A Marketing Plan, here!

Go-To Marketing Plan

A yearly Go-To-Marketing Plan is one of the most useful planning tools for your organisation as it brings together the most critical components of your marketing and communications plan. Talk to us! We’ll review, discuss and grab all the right tactics that drive your business forward and formulate a one-year Go-To-Market Plan based on your overall business strategy, goals and vision.

Digital Marketing Strategy

At the heart of every communications strategy is an idea. An idea we’ll communicate with your audience. Packed with inspiring ideas and planning know-how, we will design a communications strategy to tell, persuade and remind your customers and community of your grand idea. We’ll integrate all right tactics that fit with your plan – PR strategy will touch your Digital Marketing Campaign that combines with your trade shows and trade magazine advertising. Let’s get started – your audience is ready for your close up!

Brand Diff

will be able to differentiate your brand from the competition, sustain its differentiation and competitive advantage, and maximize its impact and profitability