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Public Relations & Event Marketing Services

When you send a relevant and personalised message with a click of a button is just as powerful today as it was 10 years ago. An effective digital public relations program doesn’t have to be complicated. A public relations program does, however need to be set with your overall business goals. And, that’s where we’ll start.

Media Relations, Article Writing and Back Links

Improving your website position on Google requires optimizing your site. Part of a good SEO program includes a Linking Strategy. We can work with you by building good back links with quality sites.

Public Relations Campaign

We can develop the entire PR campaign from goal setting, theme, media outreach, copy writing each piece of content, to reporting and measurement.

Campaign development includes:

  • Goal / Objectives
  • Media Development, including reaching out to local government, influencers and industry experts
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Budget and Implementation
  • Event Planning
  • Measurement & Reporting

Type of Public Relations Campaigns We’ve Developed:

  • Company Expansion
  • Brand Awareness
  • New Product Launch
  • New Ownership
  • Celebrations


Content Marketing

Some companies believe that content is limited. No fear, we’ll brainstorm and bring our diverse expertise to the table to help you find topics and content based on target audience’s interest, relevance, industry trends, and brand leadership.

Editorial Calendar

Once decided, you’ll receive an editorial calendar that integrates with upcoming trade shows, corporate events and other marketing initiatives planned for the coming year.

CRM Management

List management is the all-important task, sure it’s tedious and necessary.

Marketing Automation Development

We can develop Welcome Series, Maintenance Reminders or a Lead Generation Program based on triggers and rules.