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It’s happening; traditional B2B & B2C companies are experiencing a disruption in their industry. Even if you work in a centuries-old container shipping company, own a small local manufacturing company or manage a print shop – every industry is going through disruption. From selling a service or product, whether you are in the B2B or B2C industry, your customer journey starts online. The question you need to ask is, now what?

In our digital marketing services, we’ll ask you three essential questions, why now, what’s changed, where do you want to go? It’s what makes us a little different from many other digital marketing agencies.

Digital Marketing Plan

We’ll work with you to design the Digital Marketing Plan that fits your budget and objectives. From SEO link-building campaigns to securing media placement, we’ll work hard to get your website to page one on Google. No matter your business or what industry you’re in, we can figure out a way to creatively solve your brand bland problems, optimize your website content to help your audience find your stuff and write the type of content your customers will find useful and engaging enough to make them stick around or take action.

  1. Plan: Work with you to create a strategic digital marketing roadmap
  2. Reach: Implement Digital PR, Build brand awareness, SEO Linking Strategy
  3. Convert: Build a multi-channel sales funnel
  4. Engage: Content, events, promotions and other tactics to build customer loyalty and retention
  5. Brand: During this program, we will develop your build, increase brand visibility.
  6. Ongoing Management: Report, update, measure and change where necessary

Digital Marketing Services

  1. Social Media Marketing: In this strategy, we’ll engage with your community on selected social media platforms to build increased communication and brand value so clients and vendors can interact more directly with each other and benefit from your network. We’ll put our traditional marketing background, online search and creative content generation to work for your brand and improve website traffic.
  2. Digital goods: We’ll create e-books, checklists and webinars, top-rated content product offerings, and can provide a valuable resource to convert visitors into sales leads.
  3. Content Marketing Program: We’ll work with you to create original content, creatives, videos and lots of other goodies your customers will eagerly digest, like and want in their inbox.
  4. Email Marketing: We’ll set up the CRM, segment the list and create a yearly calendar to help drive results.
  5. SEO & Linking Strategy: Your website needs to be working for you. It needs to be at its best, and we’ll provide you with best practices, linking strategy and site optimization.
  6. Repackaging, updating and customizing: If you already have lots of high content on your website, we’ll re-bundle your products or services into exciting digestible content that looks fresh and updated.

Website Management / Design / Re-branding Strategy

Your website is or should be the best salesperson on your team. Is this team member performing as it should be?  Simply put, we know that your goal is to bring in targeted leads to your website. It’s something we take very seriously with every piece of content we write. Our first step to your Digital Marketing Program is making sure your target audience has an all-around good experience when they land on your site!

We’ll perform a 360-degree website audit, from page layout, navigation set-up, customer journey, link performance, competitive audit to brand images.

Once the audit is completed, we’ll write content that feeds SEO so that more people can find your business. Whether you want to get your site humming like a bird with best SEO practices or build your brand with a full blown-out digital marketing program, we’ll work with you to decide the best blogging and content marketing strategies, chart a course of action and then get to writing.

During the planning stage, you may discover that you’ll need a completely new website – we can do that too!


Content Marketing

As a marketing communications specialist for B2B companies, we know it can be challenging to write unique content. That’s our job! We’ll create personalized content aligned with your brand and customer’s interests. All content is written based on SEO best practices to help generate organic traffic to your site.

Our primary goal is to give you content that speaks to these scenarios and stages of the buying process so that you capture leads, subscribers and inquiries organically.

Content marketing isn’t just pushing out lots of content. Content marketing is equal to selling. Like your salespeople, each piece of marketing material needs to speak to your prospective buyer at a specific buying journey. We’ll work with you to give you a variety of content built for your specific sales funnel. Dedicated blog posts and press releases for the top of the sales funnel or case studies that are perfect for the bottom of the sales funnel and everything in between. We’ll get it done!

Content Strategy / Editorial Calendar Development

  1. Competitive Content Analysis
  2. Google Analytics Setup for your website
  3. Editorial Calendar Development
  4. Writing Blog Posts, Press Releases, Case Studies, Articles
  5. Creating Landing Pages
  6. Marketing Automation Development
  7. Distributing your content on your Social Media platforms
  8. Video creation
  9. Graphics, images and various other creatives


Digital PR Services

Today, it’s more important to know how to get your content noticed than to publish lots of material. It is easy to get drowned out quickly. With our Digital PR program, it will get your business to your customers’ top of mind.

We do this by keeping relationships with journalists in various industries. As clients, we also monitor your competitors and industry leaders for trends and topics and monitor other mediums using social media, newsletters and blogs.

We’ve got some great creative ideas for your business! We can:

  • Establish Thought Leadership
  • Write Press Releases Followed by Media Outreach
  • Develop Creative Campaigns
  • Develop Case Studies & distribute them to journalists

Interested in knowing more? Contact us today with your project, and we’ll provide a competitive quote.

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