Become an expert in your field by learning more about Trade Show Event Management!

In this course, you receive the Capture Your Brand Power eBook, the Trade Show Budget Template, Show Analysis and a 5-day course. These tools are developed to help you plan and budget successful corporate events. This course is applicable for trade shows, conferences, corporate events and seminars! The Capture Your Brand Power Guide is jammed with actionable tips!


Trade Show Bundle

Trade Show Budgeting Template & the Capture Your Brand Power e-Book –¬† Your Complete Toolset for All Trade Shows & Event Management!

The “Capture Your Brand Power” eBook, is written based on over 15 years of trade show and event planning! It will quickly become your go-to booklet for trade show management, budgeting, event planning, hosting client appreciation dinners, lead generation seminars, and webinars. It offers tips and promotional strategy, brand development, measurement and more.

We know events are costly marketing tactics! That’s why our staff worked together to bring you this booklet complete with insight, expertise, and advice.

In this eBook, you get:

  • Social Media Checklist: 5 Tips on Getting it Right
  • 32 Easy-to-Use Tips for Creating Exciting Events and Trade Shows
  • Actionable Lead Generation Techniques
  • Goal Setting and Measurement

The Trade Show Bundle also includes:

  • Events Management Tip Sheet (PDF Template)
  • Negotiation Check List (PDF Template)
  • Trade Show Budgeting Template (Excel)

Purchase and download the Trade Show Bundle today! Yours to take with you, anywhere! Applicable for trade shows, conferences, seminars and event management.

To your best event, ever!


Who Needs To Learn About Trade Show Management?

This course and e-book are perfect for the junior marketing manager or the young start-up company who needs to get event management expertise, fast.

If you have lots of trade shows to select and unsure where to start, the Capture Your Brand Power will help you in strategy development, budget allocation and promotions. You will feel confident in the choices you make with the help of this course and Capture Your Brand Power Booklet.

When do I receive the Trade Show Bundle?

You receive the “Capture Your Brand Power” eBook, Trade Show Budgeting Template, Events Management Tip sheet and the Negotiation¬†Check List immediately upon purchase.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of this product, there are no refunds, exchanges, credits or discounts. To learn more, please visit our Terms and Conditions page.

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