Website Writing Services


The case of the missing website text.

Anthony-Housefather-LogoWhen we received this project, the website for Liberal Candidate, Anthony Housefather was already designed. Our work required to create the web content, update the navigation menu, write-up a couple of blog posts, drop a few pages, add photos and do an overall organisation of web pages. Also, this website project includes managing many people who were involved in this project, and it needed to be done fast!

Website Content Development and Project Management

We managed the project, content and provided a workflow to help everyone in the team understand what it will take to finish the project to get the website live in 10 days. We received all the content, reviewed it and edited various pages. We also developed specific content to create a familiar tone as well as worked closely with the website designer and translator to make sure we would go live within two weeks of receiving this project.


The website, was launched within 10 days of receiving the project. We have also been retained to manage their site.