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The Marketing Boutique developed a promotional campaign & contest for a new natural bath and body product line, called Healing Glacial.

Over the past year, A Natural Perspective has been busy developing their new bath and body line. We developed a long-term promotional and brand leadership program. In Phase 1, we developed the strategy, brand messages, implemented online advertising and pitched to targeted media. We also provided the media with product samples. In Phase 2, we launched a contest to the mass public.

The product launch program consisted of:

The promotional campaign helped increase online sales of this botanical natural bath and body collection. Due to its brand differentiation, this program’s success was a critical strategy in today’s competitive online market, especially for skincare companies and backed by an advertising campaign. Within 3 months of the campaign, the company realized a profit. They’ve even been able to maintain that momentum through early 2014.

Their French Lavender, handcrafted all natural soap was picked up by by several retailers in North America. The soap is made with pure 100% lavender essential oil, handcrafted, cold-processed with a based of only vegetable oil.

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