Girl Guides Membership Program

Girl-Guides-Brand-AmbassadorChallenge: The Girl Guides®, Quebec Chapter knew they had a recognised, iconic brand recognised, a strong brand that had lost relevance to its target audience. They were more than cookies and camping.




We discovered they had relevant programs, specifically leadership and science programs that would resonate with today’s young girls.The goal was to re-educate the target audience on the benefits of joining a non-competitive environment where a girl can learn leadership skills, develop friends for life and find her passion and at the same time boost annual membership. Analysis, discovery and creating a promotional plan that includes key messaging, creativity and timing is only part of the story. It is the implementation that also counts.

How we helped: Our area of support included developing a promotional program to promote and re-educate their targeted audience that Girl Guides is engaging, current and relevant with a stable dose of cookies and camping programs. We designed a year-long brand reputation program, which included a variety of press releases, inviting the media to critical events, establishing Brand Ambassadors who helped spread the word as well as attend critical events. We also promoted leadership and science programs through social media and a dedicated blog.

Campaign Time Frame: One Year
Campaign’s Message: Girls Leading Tomorrow

Result Of Program 

Response to the brand advertising campaign exceeded expectations. The Quebec chapter received an increase in requests for more information and compliments on the program. Annual membership also increased, and the Quebec chapter received several media plugs, listed below.

Notable Press: