You receive the trade show budgeting template and Capture Your Brand Power eBook. Together, they will quickly become your go-to booklet on trade show and event management. It offers how-to’s, tips, insight and promotional strategy, brand development, measurement and more!


You will come away with a good understanding of how to evaluate any type of event you need to plant, monitor and evaluate as well as for areas for improvement.

Chapters include Social Media, Lead Generation and how to assess an event for budget planning.

Plus, we’ve expanded on some topics and included social media strategy with ‘real-time marketing’ tips for an integrated promotional program for any event.


About the marketing boutique

Thirty-Three (33) bite-sized tips and best practices book. Ready for download in a pdf format. It is packed with actionable items and easy-to-use tips, right away.

About the marketing boutique

5-Day lesson plan, with expanded topics on social media, how to use Hashtags and elements of good project management.

About the marketing boutique

Best practice tip sheet, ready for download. Great for new employees in the marketing or event planning field or if you are a start-up or starting up an event management company – use it as a reference guide.


Trade-Show-Budget-Template-The-Marketing-Boutique-CoverYou also receive the Easy Budget Template Tool Book!  A value-packed tool that comes with the Trade Show Management Guide eBook.

If budget planning is your weak point or you are new to the world of event planning then this nifty tool will help you develop a solid, working budget for any trade show, seminar, meeting or event of any size and style.


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