CHALLENGE: Ann Marie Day Spa, is a favourite Montreal day spa that offers some beauty services from manicure to hair removal using either laser or electrolysis methods. Ann Marie, the owner, came to The Marketing Boutique wanting to increase sales. Every company wants to increase sales. But how can Ann Marie’s Day Spa successfully do this with a limited staff and location? By adding a new sales channel and leveraging the brand’s unique strength.

spa anne marie - a natural perspectiveASSESSMENT: Ann Marie Day Spa is in an excellent part of town where women take looking good very seriously, these women love to beautify themselves. Once they discover this day spa, they tell their family and friends, and after 10 years in business, Ann Marie’s success is her word-of-mouth marketing. However, the location is small. After some research, we discovered an unexploited opportunity in custom product development. Industry research has shown that the spa’s environment and the esthetician has a direct opportunity to introduce clients to the right skin care products making it actually easier to motivate them to buy.

HOW WE HELPED: We presented an Action Plan as well as sourced skin care products for Ann Marie’s approval. We then created a trial launch of the skin care line to gauge client’s shopper’s attitude, and our results showed that Ann Marie’s client base was very interested in purchasing these products at her spa. The Marketing Boutique also created the brand image as well as a POP display for the location. We also designed their new logo!

RESULT: Over the past three years, Ann Marie saw an increase in sales every year and continues to expand the retail side of her business.