Online Fitness Classes, Instructors & Gyms – Get Social!

Social media marketing for anyone in the fitness industry is a useful sales tool. Here at The Marketing Boutique, we understand it takes a lot of time to find and develop quality posts for even one social media platform. This is your social media program to help you promote your gym, studio or training program. We offer you everything you need for your social media marketing, all you need to do is upload the post! Affordable, professional and smart!

How does the Fitness Social Media Program work?


Monthly subscription allows you stay on and receive fresh content or cancel at any time!
2) You receive 8 to 10 styled images each month so you can post fresh content weekly.

Keep them all, save them for next month, you choose!. No timelines, or restrictions.
3) Schedule your images on your social media platforms and you’re done!

Feel confident that you’ll be able to publish fresh content each month.

What do you get in the Fitness Social Media Marketing program?

I’m sure most of you are already online, your challenge is finding engaging content. We’ve developed a simple program to help you with social media content! It is a Fitness marketing monthly program where we provide you with 8 to 10 creatives, specifically designed for the fitness industry. You receive these social media creatives at the beginning of each month, complete with a sample social media schedule to help you schedule your posts.

Here are sample images you’ll get in the Fitness Marketing Program every month!

Fitness Social Media Marketing Package

The following is a turn-key and affordable social media marketing solution to provide you with fresh and engaging weekly content for your clients and community.

10 new fitness, health and wellness styled images
All images are Instagram square-size images
Instagram Story size images
Based on the creative, you’ll also receive fitness, health or wellness captions and hashtags for all your posts
Ready-made social media sample calendar, each month!
Social media management guide

$150.00 Cdn / Monthly

Benefits Of The Fitness Marketing Program

  • Receiving fresh social media creatives each month will also get your staff excited, where they’ll be more likely to share the posts with their family and friends.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to attract more customers as you build your online brand presence on your social media platforms through visually engaging content.
  • Social Media Marketing has proven to be a good tactic to increase customer loyalty and build your tribe. The Fitness Marketing Program is part of your commitment to building long-lasting relationships with your clients, members and employees.
  • With fresh social media creatives for you to use anytime, you’ll have a better opportunity to build your online brand and push media influencers to notice your work. Posting motivational, inspiring and wellness posts is a positive and simple way to get people to refer your business to others.