Date: Friday, April 14, 2017
Time: 09h00 – 12h00
Location: Monkland Village, Montreal, Quebec

The Brand Strategy Workshop will challenge your thinking about what makes a great brand and brand management. The morning workshop will set your business goals, define an actionable plan and help you with the ‘what next’ to make your brand plan happen! We guide you through the planning and implementation stage of a launch for a product, service or a business with strategic how-to, competitive analysis, planning and implementation to bring your brand to life.


Brand Building Workshop

For all newbies, start-ups, big dreamers and creatives – get ready to empower yourself and take control of your Brand!

I am thrilled to be able to share this valuable information with you!  What makes this workshop so unique and so essential is that I teach you how to be the best leader and expert in your industry, how to assess the competition and of course how to make your brand your targeted customer will want. This workshop covers the path of brand leadership from planning, strategy to implementation, creating your personal leadership and developing attention-getting writing for your website!

Learning Made Easy

My goal is for you to succeed. I want you to feel confident, make well-rounded decisions and trust your plan so that you can give all you’ve got to whatever it is you are passionate about. What’s really cool about this workshop is that it is equally beneficial to entrepreneurs as it is to newly start-ups to yoga teachers who want to set up their own studios but unsure where to start. My goal is for you to come away with a brand plan and the thought “I can do this!”

From Broad Goals To Actionable Steps

Make your brand stand out. Carve out a clear message. Narrow your goals into actionable steps. This is a hands-on, practical, step-by-step, educational workshop and we will work with you to help remove the challenges you put in the way that stops you from achieving your business success and personal development.

Workshop Breakdown

This program covers the full brand building, divided into modules with a bonus section of “Tools”.

  • Module 1: Networking and Introductions; beverage and healthy snacks will be available.
  • Module 2: Setting up the five important factors for any business, Strategy Formulation, Drafting Your Marketing Action Plan.
  • Module 3: The role of positioning in building leadership and it’s financial impact, for an entrepreneur or company. + The barriers that hold us back from defining a brand message and a niche position.
  • Module 4: The Power Of You: Invest, build and make money on the power of you.
  • Module 5: Tactical Design, including Communication Program, List Building, and Other Methods That Build Your Customer Base.
  • Module 6: Reviewing and Reworking Your Marketing Action Plan.
  • Tools: Workshop Notes, Marketing Action Plan Template, Case Studies & Strategy Implementation Template.

We’ll explore:

  • The barriers that hold us back from defining a brand message.
  • How to create actionable steps from the goals you’ve set.
  • The Power Of You: Invest, build and make money on the power of you.
  • How to leverage opportunities and build leadership.
  • Writing for Brand Building, Review of Top 3 Web Pages.
  • Steps to and strategies to overcome fear & overwhelm.


  • Part lecture & assignment: We will discuss winning concepts based on brand development, leadership, leveraging opportunities, and how to follow through on ideas.3b_adjusted
  • Positioning, pitching and writing exercises: This includes developing your brand messaging, creative expansion, work through your strategic assumptions, what’s possible.
  • Presentation: Once you’ve drafted your brand, goals and what we need to do to make them happen, you can present your plan to your students.
  • Open forum for discussions: ask your questions, share your wisdom and connect with other students during the workshop.

Healthy snacks, coffee, tea and cold beverages are also included!  Plus, you will also receive a wonderful Goodie Bag, notebook and pen.


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This workshop is in Montreal, Quebec. Please bring your PayPal receipt with you. Workshop details will be emailed to you.

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Our branding workshops benefit start-ups, entrepreneurs, creatives, non-profits, newly marketing graduates and small businesses who are struggling with strategy development, defining a clear target audience and need help with their brand vision.

We share our expertise, knowledge and will ask the tough questions. The result is a strategic document – Brand Action Plan –  you can actually implement.

Book your spot leave the rest to us!

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