In just 5 weeks, you’ll learn brand leadership development and have your custom marketing plan for your business.

Every week you will have access to new course material to help you build your marketing plan. It is a self-paced course and available, forever! Along the way, I’ll send you emails to encourage you to finish the course and homework.

Actionable Ideas * Templates You Can Use * Learn Marketing Strategy * Define Your Company’s Brand Message * Competitive Analysis & More

What you will learn

Learn brand management skills and build your strategic plan with this 5-week online course. During the 5-weeks, you’ll work on your company’s competitive research, define your competitive advantage and even create that single important brand message that will make you stand apart from the competition.

The result

You come away with your own Brand Management Action Plan based packed with actionable ideas, a solid understanding of your competitive position, your unique value to your industry and how you can create a brand leadership position.

In this online course, you get

Actionable insights that you can implement right away.

Sales Forecasting Tool along with other valuable concepts and tools you need to to help you build a competitive position.

Competitive Analysis Know-How! The foundation for any successful company

Easy-To-Use Research and Analysis Template

Custom Marketing Go-To Plan, Which You’ll Develop Yourself For Your Business!

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