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Content Marketing And Why You Need To Start This Program Now!

If you’re not using content marketing as a fundamental pillar of your marketing and brand awareness strategy, then you are missing a valuable tool to grow your company. Content marketing is proven to be effective in lead generation, shortening the sale cycle and even closing the deal, which is why more than half of all marketers plan to increase their spending on content marketing within the next year. Read More

Social media is becoming an essential communication strategy and a valuable skill to have for any size of business and if you are looking to build your personal brand.

However, social media has an immediate negative response should you do or say something that your community or public at large disagrees. This post will help you develop your best self and an influential voice with social media etiquette. Read More


Need help setting up your email marketing program? Or, perhaps you’ve started it and want to create better content to increase your open rate. Then review these six important email marketing must-do to get your program right!

Because most of us are with our smartphones almost the entire day and as a result, your emails and newsletters have garnered an important position in your marketing planning.

  1. Design “mobile responsive” email templates: This is a priority during the planning stage, not a nice to have. Because most of your audience will be using their iPhone, your email platform needs to be mobile-friendly.
  2. Be a Subscriber! Check your newsletter as an actual subscriber. You’ll be surprised at the little mistakes you will find as a receiver of your newsletter.
  3. Have the Right Mind Set: Learn as much as you can about email marketing. Do your research on the latest and greatest because technology and people’s behaviour change. Plan ahead, roll-up your sleeves, get ready to commit, learn about data, metrics, analysis and establish KPIs.
  4. Goal Setting: Don’t fall into the trap, what are the metrics you need to keep this program alive and successful. What are you looking for, build a community, upsell, increase sales or add more seats at an upcoming workshop? You need to make sure you need to know clearly what your goals are for this email program.
  5. Create Value-Based Content: Most companies think internal, I need sales! All they end of sending is “buy this” type of content. However, your target market is looking for tips, how-to, product education, industry updates and brand building knowledge content that helps to increase their trust in wanting to work with you as well as promotions. Read this post on creating a content marketing strategy.
  6. Segment Lists Based on Value, Not to Keep: The latest habit where they will take your email address and add it to 5 groups when you unsubscribe you still get another newsletter! It should be considered criminal. Don’t segment people just to keep them on lists, segment based on where they are in the sales process.
  7. Build a Brand: The good news is that a total of 72% of us prefers to receive promotions via email from the brands we like. Then, the real question is, “How to get your target market to like you, I mean, really, really like you?” Read a few of our blog posts to help you get started; I’ve listed them below.
  8. Start Right: Outdated lists, lists purchased from unreliable sources and not having your lists segmented will all have a negative impact on your brand and your URL standing with Google! That’s right, the more bounced and subscribers claim they received a spam email from your company because they don’t recognize opting-in, you’ll ending up even having a problem emailing a regular client.
  9. Create multiple sign-up locations: We need reminders that you offer great content exclusive via your newsletter. Add sign-up forms to your blog’s sidebar, footer, business cards, in your signature of your emails and social media platforms.
  10. Offer / Call-To-Action: Test, test and test some more. Don’t give up if you created an offer and it wasn’t successful. You may not have created the right offer for the right target market, so don’t give up.
  11. Advertise: Promote your offer, either on Facebook advertising or other relevant mediums where your target audience exists.


– Post updated June 2016

Have you heard?

Copy Blogger wasn’t getting qualified likes or followers on his Facebook business page, claiming it was not beneficial for his brand. He had tried a number of things, from deleting junk fans, blocking those fans and then trying Facebook advertising in an effort to reach his actual fan base, with poor results. In the end, he deleted his Facebook business page. Read More

We’ve got eight online marketing tips to help improve your holiday sales! You need help with your online marketing as the holidays start to get close in on us. The big shopping rush is about to set upon us and as a local shop or an e-retailer, you know you need a certain percentage of this holiday buying momentum to make your year profitable. The good news is that based on Internet Retailer reports, the e-commerce holiday sales are set for double-digit growth for 2014. Even if you are a local shop and may not have a website or sell online, there are affordable online marketing tactics you can do to ensure you’ll get some of that holiday spending spirit!

Here are our eight online marketing tips to help you get more sales during the holiday shopping season.

1. Online marketing starts with advertising

Whether you are an online store or a local shop, now is the time to increase or invest in your online marketing tactics, specifically in advertising and promotions. Branding Brand reported that in August 2014, 51% of traffic to leading retailers came from smartphones and tablets and expect a steady increase in mobile shoppers.

Action #1: Invest in Mobile Advertising for this holiday season. This can be a solid tactic for a local retail shop that may not have a website.

Action #2: Test Facebook Advertising as they too report that 66% of their sales come from mobile users. Test early to ensure that during the holiday season you get your advert just right!

2. Optimize check-out

Your second 2 online marketing tip is to optimize your website before the holiday buying season, now is not the time to skimp out on enhancing the check-out process on your e-commerce site. Make any additional costs clearly visible during the “add to cart” step. Also make it easy to buy! Remove the required ‘have to register’ before purchase or add the option to buy as a guest. Finally, add produce images when they view their cart.

3. Develop a Holiday Gift Guide, or two!

We like it easy. As a stressed-out holiday shopper, we look to our retailers to do the work for us. That’s why an annual Holiday Gift Guide, as well as gift packages, are very popular. To create a branded experience, one where customers wait for every year, you need to start with holiday packaging materials, new products, different product sizes. Don’t forget to hire a top-notch photographer, one who has experience in product photography.

Make enough photos so you can create a general holiday guide and then another one for either the rush period or a dedicated guide, like just for men, depending on what you offer. Also, hire a graphic artist to create a beautiful layout because you want people to share your guide!!

4. CO-BRAND YOUR holiday promotion

According to Retail Information Systems News, 43% of us will pay full price in order to get the “perfect gift” for someone on their list. In other words, it pays to invest in public relations and co-branding with other online brands and influencers.

Don’t forget to optimize your website and create your yearly Holiday Gift Guide, add a dedicated holiday web page complete with insiders tips and favourite products and introducing new products. Take advantage of the buying mood.

If you are an e-Retailer, you have the opportunity to stretch beyond your traditional categories and introduce new categories that normally would not fit or you won’t have space in a brick and mortar location.

5. Expand your social MEDIA platforms

I’m sure you know that we share the stuff we love to our families and friends via social media. This year, 44% of us will also spend the time to discover new products via social networks! In fact, more of us will check out items online, primarily on social media and specifically on Facebook and then go to the store to buy them, primarily to avoid shipping costs.


Today’s shoppers put more hours into online research before they make a purchase. Creating a giveaway is a great way to build excitement and fun for your customers during this special time of the year. Include deals, specials, free shipping or home delivery.

Remember this post is about online marketing, so do look for the right technology for online contests.

7. In-store visits increase ONLINE value

True, many shoppers will be turning to smartphones while shopping at your store, however, these shoppers, according to Caltech, will spend 50% more for items they can see and touch. This suggests that while foot traffic to stores may have declined, the value and experience of in-store visits have increased. This suggests that in addition to introducing new products at your store, promotions just for the holiday season, home delivery, include something dramatic, like a stylist or develop a service excellence attitude.

8. Expand your sales channels

As a local shop, you should expand your sales channels. This can easily be done by selling your products on Amazon or creating a Facebook page and promote that you offer home delivery. Statics has shown that local shops have increased their sales by expanding their sales channels and adding an eCommerce component to their marketing mix.