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Here are our 5 small changes for your contact page and you’ll get big results!

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing how to increase your site’s online position with SEO tips, digital marketing know-how and content development.  But getting lots of traffic is only part of the equation, how we get our audience to take action is another matter.

Getting visitors to take action

Don’t think about the pink cake and you’ll think about the pink cake.

Here are 5 simple changes that you can do today on your contact form that will positively impact visitor engagement and increase the number of inquiries, and it all begins with design.  

Number of Fields

When it comes to your potential customers using your contact form, it starts with visual appeal. If they see a form with multiple fields, whether it is required or not to fill, results in few of your potential customers completing this contact form.

In other words, to increase the number of people to contact you, you need to cut the number of fields in your contact form.

Build Trust

Once your potential customer is on your Contact Page, add testimonials, endorsements as well as the all-important privacy policy. This way your potential customer feels confident they are contacting a reputable company.

It’s About Me

Simply changing your Call To Action from the second person to the first person will increase the inquiry rate. For example, “Start my e-course today” will have better results than “Click on the link.”

Increasing the Click Rate

We all want to increase the click rate and just by changing it to a clear, “click here”, will increase the click rate by 30%.

Add a Surprise to Your Thank You Page

Want to up-sell or cross-sell? Add a dedicated promotional offer to your Thank you Page, and research has shown activity for your promotional offer will increase by 39%.

Check out the infographic below.

Important Changes To Your contact Form to get better results

Bonus Tips

Include your privacy policy

If it’s not readily visible on your footer, include the link on your Contact page.

Reassure People With Introductory Text

Include a customer service detail, like when they’ll expect to hear from you and what to do in case of emergency. Remind them of where else they can find you, such as your active social media platforms and subscribe to your newsletter. Don’t leave your contact page blank. Extending contact details will help build trust and put them at ease in adding their email and other data.

Forget the Phone Number

Research shows that there is one single piece of information you keep asking that your potential customer hates giving away, it’s their phone numbers. By removing this field, you will reduce form abandonment in almost every situation.

Granted, not all changes are applicable for your business. However, these small changes can lead to improved visitor engagement and could be a good idea to test these with your website.

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