The Marketing Boutique

Whether you need a website review or fresh content for your blog, I’ve got you covered with copywriting services and packages that fit every budget. I’ve created a post that goes over frequent FAQs from new clients asking about my copywriting skills and process. If you have other questions, please let me know, and I’ll add them to this post.

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SEO Writing Tips for Your Blog

Without a doubt, content is the most significant contributor to search engine page ranking, so if you want to raise your website position on Google, make sure you have quality content.

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The proverbial question that continues to get asked is, “How do I increase online traffic to my website?” From small businesses, hobbyists, fabulous bloggers to large corporations, everyone wants to know the secret online marketing sauce that will place your website on page one of Google.  Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, inbound marketing and digital marketing, these tactics are now your “need-to-know” for business success. Read More

Social Media Marketing Training

Social Media is constantly evolving. Today, it is a brand maker, a lead generator, a competitive tracker and a sharer of all things. As an early-stage company, or a small manufacturing company, do you really not want to be a part of this new brand development world? We’ll work with you in platform building, goal setting, content creation, lead tracking and program management. Tailored to meet your digital marketing goals. Read More