The Business Card; Networking For The Holidays

This weekend, I caught up with a good friend over brunch who is a fun, outgoing, 30 something, MBA, hot shot project manager. During our fast-paced, multi-varied conversations, we touched upon networking events where he flatly stated, “I don’t believe in business cards. They are out-dated. Do people really carry a card anymore?!”

And, I thought…what a great blog post.

Public Relations Case Study

MMC Jewelry launched their new Spring and Summer Collection and needed to raise its brand image in the targeted location of South Florida as well as grow their online sales. The company sold the collection via an e-commerce platform and at the same time, the designer of MMC Jewelry wanted to expand into retail and spa locations in Florida.

Killing Your Brand Softly…

If you’ve recently bought Company A and decided to change the name of Company A, you are probably in the middle of a rebrand. It sounds simple enough, updating all sales collateral to the new brand image, developing the right message and launching a new website that merges Company A with your company.

B2B Sales Does Better With Social Selling?

As much as social media is becoming popular at the same time, there is a growing misunderstanding of what social media can do for a business.

Let’s first review the social selling program:

Goal: To engage and impress the right people (target market). Stay informed on your prospective customer and customer’s happenings and events.

Social Selling Guide

  1. Set-up the right social media platforms
  2. Find the right people / target market
  3. Create content that sells but doesn’t give away the farm for free!
  4. Start a routine and this could mean a daily posting on your Business Page on LinkedIn and three daily tweets on Twitter and Facebook and a weekly blog posting on your site.