Getting Your PR Wrong

Public Relations requires careful planning. Public relations campaigns need to include an understanding of evolving news cycles, industry trends and audience perceptions. Yes, most of us are getting our PR wong.

We treat it like it’s a numbers game and wonder why our messages have gone flat. We’re all guilty of the same practice. Write up a generally dull press release, develop a long list of journalists, then press send and release.

Fitness App Marketing Plan

What makes the fitness industry so exciting lately? Well, it brings three elements together, fitness, wearable hardware and App technology.

For today’s discussion, I’ll be highlighting what you should consider in your marketing efforts to promote your Fitness App. Take note; you may not need to implement all the tactics listed below; we know that different apps will require different tactical planning.¬†

What is Digital PR? PR FAQ


What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is the function of getting popular bloggers, online magazines and trade industry websites to either publish your press release or mention your company in one of their posts and link back to your site. That’s really the end goal, getting high-quality backlinks for your site. Digital PR increases brand visibility and in turn, has a positive effect on search engine visibility for your website. It is an effective SEO tactic that drives increased referral traffic.