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Digital Marketing For Manufacturers

Many small manufacturers struggle with building a digital marketing program because they either don’t see the value in the time spent on developing one or they don’t know where to start.

But digital marketing has grown significantly over the last decade for several reasons. The main one is everything is measurable. If you’re interested in getting your brand online, here are a few ways you can start to promote your business efficiently: Read More

Attention Manufacturers! It’s time to learn how to promote your business in the age of social.

Every sales team works better when marketing initiatives are in place, and without these, it is like a ship without a sail. Your sales team needs someone in marketing, so they don’t travel wherever the winds and tides take them. Read More

MMC Jewelry launched their new Spring and Summer Collection and needed to raise its brand image in the targeted location of South Florida as well as grow their online sales. The company sold the collection via an e-commerce platform and at the same time, the designer of MMC Jewelry wanted to expand into retail and spa locations in Florida. Read More

There are two main reasons why businesses should take the time to develop their strategic plans. The first one is in the preparing of the strategic plan will force you to make hard decisions and the second reason is to question these decisions, in other words, to break bad habits. Read More