Fitness App Marketing Plan

What makes the fitness industry so exciting lately? Well, it brings three elements together, fitness, wearable hardware and App technology.

For today’s discussion, I’ll be highlighting what you should consider in your marketing efforts to promote your Fitness App. Take note; you may not need to implement all the tactics listed below; we know that different apps will require different tactical planning. 

8 Tips That Improve ROI of Your Loyalty Program


The good news about investing in relationship marketing is that you can measure the results and show these to Management. There’s bad news too! You can’t hide behind, “But the business would have declined even more without it,” excuse unless it’s actually true.

So, here are some effective ways to make sure that you’re delivering the largest profit bang for every marketing buck:

The Business Card; Networking For The Holidays

This weekend, I caught up with a good friend over brunch who is a fun, outgoing, 30 something, MBA, hot shot project manager. During our fast-paced, multi-varied conversations, we touched upon networking events where he flatly stated, “I don’t believe in business cards. They are out-dated. Do people really carry a card anymore?!”

And, I thought…what a great blog post.

Public Relations Case Study

MMC Jewelry launched their new Spring and Summer Collection and needed to raise its brand image in the targeted location of South Florida as well as grow their online sales. The company sold the collection via an e-commerce platform and at the same time, the designer of MMC Jewelry wanted to expand into retail and spa locations in Florida.

Content Marketing: Why You Need to Start Now

Content Marketing And Why You Need To Start This Program Now!

If you’re not using content marketing as a fundamental pillar of your marketing and brand awareness strategy, then you are missing a valuable tool to grow your company. Content marketing is proven to be effective in lead generation, shortening the sale cycle and even closing the deal, which is why more than half of all marketers plan to increase their spending on content marketing within the next year.