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This year we decided to work with a few wonderful organisations and foundations and provide our marketing and brand services on a pro bono basis. During this past year, we really enjoyed helping these non-profit organisations and soon realised that we should support more cause marketing projects as part of our corporate philosophy and culture. Read More

We have been busy building our Twitter platform at @themktboutique for the last few months and in the process, I’ve discovered a few must-do, nice to do and why don’t you do that practices.

Twitter is a new and most importantly an organic, live medium.  I would even go so far to compare it to working with television and radio with a few exceptions, of course.

The main exception is unlike live television, your audience can easily turn against you….instantly.  As much as one can follow the ‘protocol’ of Twitter, it is the voice of the wider audience that matters and they will let themselves be heard.  Take the McDonald’s social media promotion which backfired on them.

The other important exception is that Twitter along with other social media platforms requires a lot of effort without a guarantee of a concrete ROI.  Last exception when comparing Twitter to television and radio, tweeting sometimes feels like no one is listening….

But I digress…, here is our

Top 10 2012 Best Practices for Twitter

  1. Keep working at it.  You will eventually see the fruits of your labour.
  2. Be generous.  Provide the occasional shout out, mentions and thank you to others.
  3. Be sincere with your followers.  There are some who follow and then 2 days later un-follow just so you follow back.  People know and you don’t get anything out of the social experience.
  4. Set a goal.  Unlike a marketing plan, I don’t recommend going after a number, rather make it a descriptive goal.  Visit our social media services.
  5. Experience, first. Your time on Twitter should offer an experience.  Consider it your Twitter channel, like watching NBC.  What will you be offering on your channel?
  6. Tweet out.  It is not about you, you or you.  Provide quality content. Limit the number of tweets that promote old quotes, someone else’s words and repeating the current popular pop artist.
  7. Forget the plan.  As much as you will create your goal, forget the plan because the people on Twitter creates an environment that is fast-moving and ever-changing.
  8. People first.  You are dealing with people, not technology.  Limit how and where you will auto response, auto tweet, auto follow, auto unfollow, this is not community building, rather number building.
  9. Follow others.  Don’t promote engagement and then don’t follow others.  Don’t claim you are the best in customer service and then don’t follow others.  Follow who interests you but do follow.
  10. Clarify your position on social media:  If you are a company, coach or professional blog make it clear when you will be available online to respond to your clients and community.  You can add a Social Media Policy on your website, which will help your clients and community know when you are ‘live’.

Happy marketing!

We’re excited to announce that we won second place in the Ninjamatics 2011!

Thank you to the Canadian Weblog Awards for this recognition. The second place award is for the Best Weblog About Business & Career /Affaires et carrières Category.

We also want to thank the huge number of volunteer jurors who worked on their spare time on the 2011 Weblog Awards and a shout-out to Schmutzie of who is the creator of this award.

What is the Canadian Weblog Awards?

The Canadian Weblog Awards promote good weblogs of all genres from across Canada year round through regular interviews, articles, and the nomination, judging, and an award process that culminates with the top three weblogs in each category on January 1st.

For more information on the Canadian Weblog Awards, click here.

Thanks again from Cecilia and Jamie.  We will see you again next year!

Marketing Strategy Consultant and Leadership Management

With over 9 years of retail industry expertise, a recently completed MBA from Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, a natural organiser with a ‘get-it-done’ personality, Jamie is ready to help you build your leadership style! Because of her passion for retail, Jamie looks to expand our retail clients.

You will also find Jamie on our blog. She will discuss her passion for retail, everything retail and specifically retail store operations, her specialty!  She will also write about Social Media Marketing tactics and its role in retail as well as current leadership and management styles.

Jamie Wolfe’s Background

Jamie is presently the Head of Retail Operations for one of North America’s leading eco-friendly cloth diaper manufacturer, also specialising in modern maternity and children’s products. Jamie leads a team dedicated to supporting eco-moms and dads who are interested in reducing their carbon footprint and want to leave greener earth to their children.

Young, focused and a great people-person, we are very excited to welcome Jamie to The Marketing Boutique! We’re a small agency, but we’re with you all the way.


Please contact Jamie contact via our contact page below or at info(at) You can also find her on Twitter, @wolfetoday.