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Strategy, everyone loves to throw around this word like they own it. The word is over-used but very few people understand what it is or how to create a marketing strategy.

Strategy is not pure selling.  Strategy is not a corporate identity.  Strategy is not promotions.  All these activities are part of marketing plan that should be implemented because of a strategy.  Not because you are familiar with these tactics.

Why is strategy important?

Part of strategy development includes understanding your competitors, clients and market segment.  It is very different from ‘being in the industry for 20 years’, this is where most small companies get wrong.  It does give this individual a large network but does not give the company a marketing strategy.

To develop a strategy for a company, strategy asks, “What are the set of economics fundamental to this industry?” and “What are the trends most likely that will change the game in your industry?

These and other questions will help you define your market position, white space, competitive analysis and what your customer values.

This process to develop your strategy effectively helps you to clearly understand your market and thus, you should then be able to better manage your company, most importantly when making financial decisions and how to build your brain-trust.  Again, both factors that are related to your marketing strategy.

Why strategy will get you sales

As you can see, a solid marketing strategy will help you understand the externals that affect your business, the values that are important to your customer.  Then with this knowledge you can create a product or a service based on your customer values.

You can then align your sales team accordingly to these values.  Therefore, selling should be easier because you are offering a value that your target market wants.

How strategy will create brand position

Marketing Strategy is a process.

Using the process will help you define your customer in your market.  And, as a result it will help you design a program to either build, move your brand forward or change your brand to a set of values based on your target market.

Values will help you develop your brand promise.

This doesn’t mean that you will find a unique position in the market.  Today can be a challenge, because most companies are not unique, we are already in a pre-set market that already has competitors and with a finite amount of dollars we will need to fight for.

As a result, key questions to ask would be, “Who are we trying to reach?”  What keeps them up at night?  “What are they dissatisfied enough to do a web search?  What can we do different from our competitors?”

If you can answer these questions, you will be better ready to build a marketing strategy to help move your company forward.

How to develop a marketing strategy?

It is too long for a blog post but you should start by doing a competitive analysis.  If you are unsure what specifically you should be analyzing, start small – such as, customer service offering.  Or, you can always call us!

Campaign: Girls Leading Tomorrow Girl Guides of Canada
Client: Girl Guides of Canada, Quebec Council
Company: The Marketing Boutique

Probably one of the most gratifying pro-bono programs we’ve worked on is the Girl Guides of Quebec Leadership Program.

This wonderful and warm volunteer staff dedicates their time to the organisation, its mission and to the young women who come to Girl Guides for friendship and connectivity while learning valuable lessons of leadership, courage and community involvement.

Our area of support included developing a promotional program to promote and re-educate their targeted audience that Girl Guides is strong, current and relevant with a solid dose of cookies and camp. We designed a year-long brand reputation program, which includes inviting the media too critical events, establishing Brand Ambassadors who will help spread the word as well as attend these events, social media program and press releases.  While the Girl Guide, Quebec Chapter provided an insightful market research report that clearly shows the positive results young girls and women gain as a Girl Guide.

To learn more about this program, visit the Girls Leading Tomorrow campaign as well as their latest press release, Girl Guides Quebec Chapter Launches “Girls Leading Tomorrow” Campaign.

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What is a Marketing Strategy?

Below this post, you will find a 30-second video that asks the question, What is a marketing strategy?

An important question to ask in today’s business. Many people know how to develop a newsletter, what are trade shows and get a sales team together but forget to spend time in developing a robust market analysis, competitive report and company brand vision that are the foundations to a solid plan.

Marketing Strategy Makes Decisions

A Marketing Strategy answers questions and forces you, to make decisions for your company. Yes, too many design their success based on their products. Forcing a company to become narrow minded and looking only at maximum output. More companies are basing their company’s progress on a simple understanding of marketing tactics. Taking software applications like email technologies and because of the ease in its plug and play, believe it is a strategy.

Too Many Me-Too Companies

The result is it creates too many “me-too” companies. Or new technology start-ups with substantial funding but little market research. Without a marketing strategy then – everyone is doing the same thing – like you.

Marketing Strategy Creates Competitive Advantage

Bu asking questions, like “How can we serve our customers better?” will give you the mindset of a brand leader. Instead of existing to make your numbers, your companies exist to serve a greater purpose.

Don’t get me wrong. Of course, a company needs to be profitable. A marketing strategy will push you to move away from a cost-centre mentality to a customer-centred force your clients will love and competition will have a hard time keeping pace.


[Updated February 2018]
Women In Leadership Annual fundraising event to help promote the organization and bring aspiring business women in Montreal together.

The Women in Leadership, Montreal Chapter held its annual fundraising event called Sweet Talk. The fundraiser helps to build its brand and bring aspiring Montreal businesswomen together.

Fundraising Campaign: Sweet Talk

Non-Profit Organization: Women In Leadership Foundation (WIL)
Company: The Marketing Boutique

Women In Leadership is a national, non-profit organization that dedicates itself to advancing women in leadership positions. It aims to deliver innovative programs and services to help thousands of women with chapters throughout Canada. To date, over 50,000+ women are either participating or have joined their programs.

WIL has grown to be nation-wide, present in four cities, including Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.  WIL organizes mentorship programs and a series of talks, workshops and speaker series aimed at aboriginal women, women in mining, and other audiences. Their website also offers a job board.

Sweet Talk event in Montreal promotes the non-profit’s premier program, the Women in Leadership Mentorship Program.  Our services for its Sweet Talk Charity event included selling Sponsorship packages and Fundraising activities. The event was held at the Écomusée du fier monde.

The Marketing Boutique focused on the area of fundraising, building business relationships and sponsorship. In return, we offered Sponsorship packages that included:

  • Sponsor promotion via social media platforms
  • Sponsor mention via our press releases and pitch to the media
  • Addition of their product in goody bags
  • Sponsor introduction before the presentation
  • Event banner placement
  • Two invitations to Sweet Talk Fundraising Event

The fundraising event offered wine and chocolates from local supporting partners, several presentations on business, leadership and professional attire.

The Women In Leadership Fundraising event was a success! We had over 100 women at the event from Montreal, and all levels in their business career had the opportunity to personally connect, to collaborate in the development of their leadership skills & create positive change in the future of women’s leadership.

Fundraising, Sponsorship and Event Services

The Marketing Boutique would be more than happy to help you with your next fundraising event. We will work on building your sponsorship list, packages and plan the event.

It is not business as usual anymore. With the online community, social media platforms and the sharing economy combined, your brand development includes the people that love, hate and hey, like you even if they will never buy from you! What hasn’t changed is that people still buy who they trust. That’s who they trust, not what they trust.

As a consumer, we want the brand to be relevant and connected with our lifestyle.  If Susie Homemaker says your brand is excellent and she has a large social media following, that is the best-earned media your brand can get today. Read More