Fitness App Marketing Plan

What makes the fitness industry so exciting lately? Well, it brings three elements together, fitness, wearable hardware and App technology.

For today’s discussion, I’ll be highlighting what you should consider in your marketing efforts to promote your Fitness App. Take note; you may not need to implement all the tactics listed below; we know that different apps will require different tactical planning. 

Web Content Writing Services


Every website needs relevant and fresh content. Getting the attention of your online target audience is no small task. Today your website has about less than one minute to grab and keep your visitor’s attention.

Let’s start with content written supported by SEO best practices. Well written content will help increase online traffic and improve visitor engagement. For example, did you know that each page on your site should have a minimum of 350 words, organically written that includes your targeted keywords?

Writing content for your website also requires proper content structure and formatting to help the reader stay on your site.

If you’ve got a website, you need to get discovered online. And we’re here to help you! From blog posts, digital PR to re-branding your website, we’ll write a style that’s matches your brand vision. More importantly, it will be content that connects with your target audience and makes Google happy.

Please provide your website, email and describe the web content project in as much detail as possible, including a timeline. If you prefer to discuss the project in advance or want to make sure your project falls within our scope and expertise, please contact me using the contact form below.

What is Digital PR? PR FAQ


What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is the function of getting popular bloggers, online magazines and trade industry websites to either publish your press release or mention your company in one of their posts and link back to your site. That’s really the end goal, getting high-quality backlinks for your site. Digital PR increases brand visibility and in turn, has a positive effect on search engine visibility for your website. It is an effective SEO tactic that drives increased referral traffic. 

Secrets of a Stingy Blog

When I meet clients to discuss their business blog, they are usually frustrated by the lack of interest and engagement their customers and audience have with their content.

I can certainly understand their disappointment. After all, with all the facts and positive reviews on the value of content marketing and how it can shorten the sales cycle and increase lead generation, why then it is more difficult for some companies to develop a successful content marketing program?

The number one reason is that their content is stingy.