Strategy Power Program

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Take a step back from doing!

The Strategy Power Program is the first online program of its kind. We combine hard-core strategy learning sessions and live email support from experts in their field as you move through this 5-day program to develop your own business strategy.

This program is perfect if you are starting your business or want to start a business and need a better understanding of strategy. This program is also applicable if you need to improve your marketing or business strategy for a product or service. We will first explore and expand on various strategies, explore where and why specific strategies are implemented as well as the power of proper implementation and follow-through for a successful strategy.

You receive live email support during the 5 days and the opportunity to have all your strategy questions answered by us by email! The Strategy Power Program is a great place to start if you are interested in learning about pure strategy and its strength for any business.

Topics Learned

  • Day 1: Difference between strategy, advertising and promotion
  • Day 2: Four main strategies and how to use them
  • Day 3: Why to use the Porter’s Model in strategy formulation
  • Day 4: The power of timing, opportunity and follow-through
  • Day 5: How to implement Strategy

Included in Course Registration

  • Two, One hour, one-on-one coaching / consulting on your business and strategy development, a value of $150.00.
  • Live email support and your strategy questions answered, via email during this 5-day program!
  • Daily Strategy Lesson Plan, via email.
  • PDF of the Strategy Development Guide
  • Plus the hand-out: Strategy Implementation Template

This is a digital product. You will receive the guide and template immediately. The two consulting sessions needs to be booked & used within 3 months of course registration. Please read our terms and conditions.


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