B2B Marketing and Communications Boutique Agency.

Why choose us, a boutique B2B Marketing and Communications agency? Because we do just one thing – Create exciting brands that will make you stand apart from your competition! We do that by studying your competition, trends, web analytics, mapping out marketing automation and creating content that engages with your client and employees! And, we don’t just do digital marketing! We’ll include tactics that are traditional and digital, marketing and communications, a truly integrated plan that fits your goals.

Your Outsourced Marketing Department

We provide marketing and communication services to match the growing and diverse marketing needs of today’s B2B businesses. You can outsource your marketing communications department to us, or we can support your in-house team on a time-sensitive project or provide ongoing strategic insight. In any capacity, we’re here to respond to your needs, help you with complex marketing issues and deliver branded experiences that your target audience will enjoy and welcome.

Content Marketing – Email Marketing – Website Design – Writing For Website, Sales and Marketing Materials – Marketing Plan – Social Media Marketing – Trade Show – Corporate Event Planning – Public Relations – Human Relations Marketing – Branding – Brand Messaging – PPC – SEO – Website Ergonomics

A little about me:

Cecilia photo 9Owner of The Marketing Boutique, Marketing and Communications Consultant, and course provider of Branded, the online brand management course for young professionals. I offer over 15 years of strategic marketing & planning, brand development, and reputation management expertise.

With five years in the pharmaceutical industry combined with several years in technology, software, manufacturing, e-Commerce, beauty and wellness industries, my extensive knowledge in B2B and B2C industries, growth, leadership, sales & marketing planning and brand development programs will help your company move into Phase II.  I have a Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing, Concordia University.

More importantly, I’ve worked with a small and large budget. I understand that marketing budgets can sometimes be fluid and every dollar spent needs to bring in results. Most companies today want to have a better understanding of digital marketing and how it can help their business.

Contact us, today!  We look forward to helping your business grow.