We do just one thing, build brands!

We do this by building your trust in our marketing communication, digital marketing and content writing services with honest insight on what we can and cannot do, what is possible and more importantly, what you should be doing.

What Do We Do Exactly?

Strategy Planning
Content Marketing
Brand Positioning & Development
App Development
PR, Media Planning
Social Media

The Marketing Boutique provides marketing strategy planning and the full gamut of communications services. Integrated marketing and communications approach supported by 15 years in B2B and B2C industries.

Our purpose is to help you create exciting brands that will make you stand apart from your competition! We achieve this by writing engaging and relevant content for your targeted audience, develop integrated marketing strategies to improve company growth and design communication programs you can use, these are the things that matter to today’s young businesses.

Working With A Variety Of Clients

We’re happy to say that we’ve helped clients from different industries from manufacturing, nonprofits, beauty, fitness, software, technology, SaaS to pharmaceutical industries have worked with us! Companies that need copywriting services, help in strategy development, lead generation or improve online brand leadership come to The Marketing Boutique. They are also happily surprised and somewhat relieved to find out we do the content writing. That’s right, in-house! We write about your brand, create a uniquely personal brand that resonates with your target audience.

From marketing strategy development, tactical design and implementation, writing for different mediums, and website design, we’re your team.

Believe in Transparency

We know you’re super busy, so we get right to the point about fees, schedule, and reaching a realistic goal based on your budget. Trust in quality work is essential to you, we got that! That’s why we also have a reliable local network that we bring on board from time to time when we need extra help, from junior journalists, seasoned copywriters to technical writers; we work with only the best to give you the best.

Resources, Workshops And Training Programs

Aside from the strategic marketing and communications agency work, we also function as an educational resource for entrepreneurs, small business, and young marketing professionals. We offer free marketing tools and resources from our blog, annual reports, articles and newsletter. We also have online courses in brand development and trade show management.

The Marketing Boutique is a Montreal based, women-owned, 100% virtual company. We promote to be a socially conscious Canadian marketing communications agency.

About Cecilia

My strength is strategy development and finding the unique voice of a company. I write their stories.

I can support you in strategy implementation, content marketing, public relations and digital marketing. Experience in inbound and outbound marketing initiatives, lead generation and SEO.