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Whether you need a website review or fresh content for your blog, I’ve got you covered with copywriting services and packages that fit every budget. I’ve created a post that goes over frequent FAQs from new clients asking about my copywriting skills and process. If you have other questions, please let me know, and I’ll add them to this post.

The Copywriting Process

My writing process includes research, understanding the client’s market and their customer, including reading the reviews. These tactics help me to write content that speaks to your target customer. If you’re curious or doubt your value proposition, read what your customer says on your reviews!

I also use customer reviews to build brand messaging.

For example, there is a lot of competition in the medical aesthetic market. I look at what sets a particular client apart from the competition. I do this by speaking with the salespeople, reviewing online reviews and learning about the client’s products and services. Once I’ve defined their unique value proposition, I create and use that brand messaging everywhere so that the message doesn’t get diluted online or in print.  

Last, I talk to a few customers to hear what they love about the client and what makes them go back again and again. Most clients start off by saying no it’s not necessary to speak with their customers, not fully understanding the value it brings to your content. But, you know what? Listening to your best customers to understand why they come back to you can make for great content, thought leadership, new product development and better services. It can also help you understand your brand position in the market.

What Is SEO in Copywriting?

SEO is also essential, but few copywriters only understand adding keywords when there is so much more to do in creating optimized content. And no keyword stuffing into the copy, meta descriptions, and title tags.

Four Easy Ways To Optimize your Content For Google

  1. Make sure keywords are long-tailed and geo-targeted to capture more traffic. For example, “best digital marketing agency in Montreal” or “best medical aesthetics clinic in Toronto would be good blog titles.”
  2. Write descriptive title tags and meta descriptions- Choose a keyword for each page that accurately describes the content and product offering. Then use that in both places, the title tags and meta description.
  3. Check load time- if your pictures are huge, your site will load slowly. Slow sites will not only frustrate your potential customer from sticking around, but it also singles to Google that you’re not worth the effort to move to page one and may lower your ranking. You can use a photo tool like Adobe Spark or Smush to reduce image size.
  4. Save your photos with a keyword- instead of ‘cleaner1.jpg’, “cleaner2.jpg” choose a keyword that clearly describes each photo. Make sure the description relates to your business, not something random.

There is also a Linking Strategy that is integral for SEO in copywriting. It will take too long to explain the process in a single blog post. Do ask your copywriter about this, and if they go blank, you may need to look for another content marketer.

Can You Create Copy with Distinctive Voice?

Everyone wants to sound different online, inject a little personality into their copy. A lot of copywriters say, “talk like you speak,” or like you’re having a conversation with a close friend. The point here is not to sound too stiff and formal. I’m referring to a B2C company where you’re looking to create a balance of casualness yet, thought leadership. Even in the B2C areas, it depends on your brand and the personality of your business. I tend to gravitate towards clear and concise vs. clever with my copy. But if you can use humour that your audience will relate to, by all means, go for it!

How Can I Invoke a potential customer to take action with your copy?

Be clear, concise and compelling. Tell your potential clients what action you want them to do, meaning don’t forget a call to action that guides the reader to the next step! Do you want them to make a call, make a purchase or register for an event? Be very clear in your button text to ensure you don’t lose them. Better to write in your button “buy now” as opposed to “read more.” Finally, add social proof.

Online reviews are your social proof, which has become more important than ever. If you haven’t asked your clients for an online review, you should start. Tap into this as it will help close the sale. Too many businesses don’t ask their clients for testimonials or product reviews enough in their marketing efforts.

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