SimpliERP Focuses On Customer Growth

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SimpliERP Focuses On Customer Growth

The people at SimpliERP contacted The Marketing Boutique because they want to focus on company growth by improving their current marketing and sales initiatives. We are delighted to be part of their business growth journey and currently offering high-value social media training and lead generation solutions that would ramp up their digital marketing capabilities.

About SimpliERP

SimpliERP is an independent Epicor software consulting firm located in Montreal and serving the manufacturing and distribution industries throughout Quebec and Ontario. Small to medium-sized manufacturing companies who look to either update or implement their Epicor systems look to SimpliERP. SimpliERP consulting firm services include:

  • EPICOR Consulting & Integration Services
  • EPICOR custom software development
  • Microsoft SQL Database Optimization
  • Microsoft Application Development (.NET)
  • IT Systems Audit
  • Performance Management & Optimization of Business Procedures
  • Business Process Consulting
  • Change Management

Our Marketing and Communications Service to SimpliERP for company growth are:

Discovery process to help SimpliERP focus on growth

The first step we take is to talk to the people at SimpliERP. The discovery process allows us to have a better understanding of their core services and where they want to focus on growth. During this time, we also define their brand messages and review their competitors’ marketing efforts. Analyzing the competitive landscape will help us identify our client’s competitive advantage.

During this time, it also highlights the marketing and sales gap that either needs training, program development or additional investment. And once all our programs are agreed with the client, we then start to develop a marketing and communications program that includes SimpliERP’s business and strategic marketing objectives, and a scheduled digital marketing program.

Marketing solutions (Phase I)

  • LinkedIn Social Selling & Lead Generation Program
  • Traditional Sales & Lead Generation (Cold calling, Meeting, etc.)
  • SEO (Optimizing their website, including Linking Strategy)
  • Web Writing
  • Develop internal knowledge to inform and elaborate thought leadership content on a range of topics

Phase II will include implementing a content marketing program and email marketing to build their sales funnel. As well as manage lead generation initiatives and campaigns using CRM, sales intelligence and analytics tools and create marketing and business development material and assets, as needed. We have Phase II scheduled for January 2021.

The Impact

The client is happy with its current marketing and sales program. We are delighted to report that we are continuing to develop and expand our Phase I of our marketing and communications program. SimpliERP can focus on company growth as we continue to deliver community engagement and build their lead program.

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