Campaign To Support Humanitarian Education

Campaign To Support Humanitarian Education!

We’ve launched a North American Social Media Campaign for Humanitarian U. The objectives are to build the brand and to engage the right companies to help fund their online program.

Did you know that health emergencies comprise up to 80% of humanitarian emergencies and disasters? Disaster ready training involves doctors, nurses, people in logistics, food management, shipping and other emergency medical capacities. These humanitarian healthcare workers need to know how to respond when in a disaster or emergency setting.

Humanitarian U, a leader in online humanitarian training and certification. The company is working on the first comprehensive, online, accredited certification course, called Healthcare Provider Program. The program is for humanitarians working in a health response in a humanitarian emergency or disaster.

Campaign Design For Humanitarian U

Humanitarian U came to The Marketing Boutique to help them meet some ambitious objectives.

The company wanted to strengthen its leadership position in the Canadian and USA markets, especially targeting companies that share the same belief and mission. The Marketing Boutique, which specializes in communications and social media marketing, presented a funding campaign that would talk about the people the Healthcare Program Program would help.

“Healthcare Provider Program Supports”: Highly Engaging Campaign Concept

The campaign slogan emphasizes the people working in emergency healthcare while responding in a disaster. The message pairs the benefit of training with the urgency of financial support.

We felt that the readily recognizable images of education, doctors, medical transportation teams, logistics would be a simple way to communicate a strong message of whom the program is supporting.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube: A North American Presence For the Campaign and Brand

To illustrate our client’s expertise and passion for humanitarian training while also engaging its target audience, The Marketing Boutique produced three engaging and original videos. The videos emphasized why and who. These videos as well as social media posts promoted why funding is needed and whom the program will help.

Campaign Success For Humanitarian U & Results

The social media campaign for Humanitarian U was a success!

By the end of the campaign, which will run from November to December 2019, we expect to receive more than two million impressions across North America and maintained a Facebook engagement rate of 1.14%. The industry average is approximately 0.65%. We’re also particularly proud of how our videos took off on YouTube; with an average viewing time of almost the entire length of the videos.

More importantly, Humanitarian U received a couple of inquiries from large non-profit organizations wanting to know more about their Healthcare Provider Program. We can safely state that Humanitarian U is on its way to finding funding for its online program.

Social Media as Lead Generation

Why is it important to think about how to generate leads on social media? It’s not that everyone is online and participating in a social media platform. The important factor is our usage on social media is changing, we are searching for business support on social media.

Of course, LinkedIn is obviously a solid platform to develop a sales channel. What people don’t talk about is Facebook, your clients are also on this platform and are using it to search for the same resources for their business. In other words, when we are on LinkedIn and Facebook, we are receptive to a blog post about how corporate communications can improve ROI. What changes is that on Facebook, we are doing double-duty, personal such as looking to buy something for our home and reading a post for work.  

Keep up with technology and consumption changes

Facebook has implemented a lot of changes. To mention a few, they don’t like it when you write, “Please share”, “Buy Now”, or “More on our blog”. In other words, they don’t want you to encourage your community to leave Facebook. Sure it sounds like a dictatorship attitude but at this point, the platform is free and if you provide quality content about your product or service, Facebook can be a good business tool.

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