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We’re happy to announce our latest client in medical aesthetics, Dr. Kirsten Johnson. Dr. Johnson hired The Marketing Boutique to create a defined brand message and build her clientele through social media marketing. Read on and find out the marketing program we’ve designed for her clinic!

Defining The Brand

We’ll be working with our client on developing a well-defined brand to convey what her clientele can expect the moment they enter her aesthetics practice. The process includes evaluating the needs and expectations of her client, current and new ones, including men!

Once we have a clear list of client expectations, our next step will be to define several brand messages that appeal to those needs and expectations while remaining on point across all of our marketing efforts.

Social Media Campaigns

We’ll also be writing content, captions as well as designing the creative for Facebook and Instagram. These platforms provide a great venue to engage with current and prospective clients while building her brand.

If you have your own medical aesthetics clinic, the average North American consumer spends about two hours per day on social networks. That said, medical aesthetics clinics should be maximizing these platforms to promote your clinic’s products and services.

Website Optimization

Also included is a review and optimization of Dr. Kirsten Johnson’s website. Medical aesthetics is a very competitive industry. One of the best investments you can do is optimize your site, which can include a total rewrite, adding more pages, proper linking and including a newsletter subscription link.

About Dr. Kirsten Johnson

Dr. Johnson is passionate about skincare and improving lives. Friendly and caring, Dr. Johnson wants to help her clients rebuild their self-confidence and improving the health of their skin. With a true desire to help her clients achieve their aesthetic goals, Dr. Johnson will ensure you get a refreshed and natural look.

You can visit Dr. Kirsten Johnson’s site here.

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