5 PR Tips For Your Product Launch

5 PR Tips For Your Product Launch

Do you have a tight PR budget for an upcoming product launch? Do you find yourself with no media contacts and with little to no brand visibility? As with many businesses today, you are probably wearing multiple hats, from the marketing manager, event planner to being your own publicists! Where do you start as you closely approach your product launch date? 

5 PR tips for your product launch:

  1. Social media: is an incredible tool for B2B companies, allowing you to share, connect and advertise your products. This includes creating a blog and building your online community on the right social media platforms. But here’s the thing, you need time to develop your community or invest in digital advertising. You may want to consider investing in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn Advertising for this product launch until you build a substantial following.
  2. Pitch Story Ideas To Industry Magazines: As you read this post, you probably also have your favourite trade magazine on your desk!  If you do, then get to know the magazine, what’s on their editorial line-up and do follow the editors on social media. Once you’ve done this, introduce yourself, your brand, send your press release and remember to follow-up.
  3. Grassroots Marketing: Solid public relations plans include being seen and heard from all sides. Your grassroots marketing can include local newspapers, schools, an event at a popular park, to contests on the radio. Do consider that a grassroots marketing program takes up more budget and resources. However, if this is your target market, then take your time and plan it out well. Plus, once you get local press, it can be easier to get national coverage. You can leverage this press for more press on a broader scale.
  4. Spend money on the right stuff: Any public relations campaign needs quality images and well-written content for your product. From videos, product photos, nicely formatted press kit, product launch event and story pitch are all essential elements for a new product launch.   
  5. Get creative: Speaking of spending money on the right stuff, you may want to consider different promotional tactics. Street performers, special packaging, contests and other promotional ideas should all be on the table for discussion to help create the best product launch based on your budget.

Bonus Tips for product launch

  1. Brand Messages: It’s best to take the time to clearly define the brand messages behind the PR campaign. Remember to highlight these messages throughout the campaign.
  2. Timing: Take advantage of special holidays and local events. You can leverage and gain brand exposure even if you are a B2B company. Or, create your own promotional week – there are plenty of opportunities to get your product out in front of your customer.
  3. Influencers: Popular online influencers or industry leaders provide the value to validate your product or brand and
  4. Create Great Content: Sure, you’re probably shaking your head and thinking, I know! But it’s worth repeating. Good content writing converts your website visitors into future clients.

Do you need some expert advice on how to improve your product launch strategy? We’re ideal for small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs who need a little or a lot of marketing services. Why not contact us and find out more at Info@themarketingboutique.net.

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