Fitness App Marketing Plan


What makes the fitness industry so exciting lately? Well, it brings three elements together, fitness, wearable hardware and App technology.  For today’s discussion, I’ll be highlighting what you should consider in your marketing efforts to promote your Fitness App. Take note; you may not need to implement all the tactics listed below; we know that different apps will require different tactical planning. 


For you to get to product launch, you’ve done your homework on your target audience. Good job! What I’m asking you to do now is to find out where they live. Are they active on Facebook and participate in many online groups? Is it community driven where part of the fitness routine includes a strong social aspect, like having drinks afterwards?

It’s important to know where they live on and offline as it will help you properly design your marketing plan. The success of your fitness advertising campaign that you will create is based on a strategy and knowing your target audience.


Do your users need to pay for the fitness app? If you haven’t shown the value of your app to your subscribers, attaching a price to this new product will be a hard sell. And, attaching a value maybe subjective when it comes to fitness. You may believe that your app is solving a particular issue when the real problem is your target audience hasn’t realised they have one.

For that reason, most app developers will provide the basic features for free, and if your users are enjoying the free version, they will more likely want to pay for the premium features. Something hopefully you’ve established way before you’re reading this post.


Whatever the goal you’ll set, from membership sales, generating downloads of the free version of the app to subscribing to your newsletter, for a new app its best to have multiple goals while at the same time you build your brand.


Next step is to design your awareness marketing plan. Here is a basic outline for a Fitness App Marketing Plan. Ideally, you should have a timeline that includes more than one campaign and tactics during the first year.

Month 1

  • Develop Key Messages and Brand Tone
  • Define KPIs
  • Establish Keywords
  • Launch of website & social media platforms
  • Establish monitoring tools
  • Distribute press releases, media outreach
  • Create a cache of content, articles and images for each platform (ongoing).
  • Public & Media Relations, ongoing
  • Develop Photos, Videos & Creatives

Month 3

  • Facebook Advertising & Google AdWords Campaign
  • Develop Contest to increase social media followers

Month 5

  • Identify strategy partners, influencers, and industry leaders
  • Continue with engaging promotions to either increase free app users and membership
  • Review goals with programs, adjust as required

Month 7

  • Start re-marketing efforts
  • Email marketing, develop a loyalty program for current app users
  • Email marketing, establish marketing automation

Month 9

  • Develop Referral or Affiliate Program
  • Expand Content Marketing program, encourage user to post positive experiences using the fitness app.

Month 12

  • Review goals with programs
  • Update marketing plan to fit corporate objectives and target audience
  • Develop new campaigns
  • Ensure proper customer care for current customers.
  • Promote new app features


Remember, before launching a fitness app, timing and offering the right features to your users are important. And, not many of us can do fitness without support, inspiration or group challenges. Be sure you’ve got a good road map that focuses on people first and technology second.

Need help with your marketing plan for your fitness app? We’re your team!

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