What is Digital PR & Other PR Questions, Answered


What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is the function of getting popular bloggers, online magazines and trade industry websites to either publish your press release or mention your company in one of their posts and link back to your site. That’s really the end goal, getting high-quality backlinks for your site. Digital PR increases brand visibility and in turn, has a positive effect on search engine visibility for your website. It is an effective SEO tactic that drives increased referral traffic. 

Do You Need a Press Release Distribution Service?

This may sound harsh, but most news isn’t news. Press releases its a combination of theme, trends, story ideas, and angles. The reason a press release distribution was sound, get to as many journalists as possible, which worked in the early 90s but with the rise of the internet brought with it many new small businesses. Journalists found themselves in the same scenario as many of us, doing more with less. In the end, relationships matter with a digital pr campaign.

Here’s what you should or shouldn’t do with press releases:

  • SEO doesn’t put a value on press release distribution via wire services.
  • Spend the money on developing relationships with reporters and journalists, pitch them directly
  • A good story idea is a good story idea – you can cold-pitch reporters directly via email.
  • Most news isn’t news, not unless you’ve invented something genuinely different – rethink the expense of a press release distribution service as it rarely produces ROI.
  • No one likes to be mass pitched an idea, you should never do it.

Are Press Releases Effective?

The end game is to get your press release picked up by the media. Well-written press releases with an interesting angle or reporting significant news do in fact get picked up by the media. Of course, the story needs to be relevant and topical for either national, local or trade publications to publish.

The right strategy is to write effective press releases that contain a certain amount of news and then distribute the press release with a pitch to the media outlets.

What Makes An Effective Press Release?

Find An Angle: Explain to the journalist why it matters your news needs to get published. It has to be more than about you and your company. Because if you can’t find the story, neither will the journalist.

Know The Magazine: Review the editorial calendar, editor, journalist. If you’re at a trade show, take them to lunch!

Press Releases Are Not Texts: Don’t send out monthly press releases just because you can. A press release does not lead the program, Your news rules, it’s the reason you need to communicate with the journalist is the first place.

Narrow your media list: Send releases only to publications and journalists covering your topic. Remember, the larger the magazine, the harder the connection. So make your list count, the work is worth the effort.

Add Quotes: Include a spokesperson and write in the first person.

Include Resources: If required, cite facts, statistics and resources to support your claims.

Write Well: Have your press release reviewed, double-check spelling and grammar. Follow traditional press release format that includes contact information. Follow AP Style.

Monitor and Measure: If you’re working on an extensive list, you may need to use a media monitoring service to help you track the media outlets that published your news or mention your company.

Why Digital PR Matters

Earned media boosts SEO: When long-running publications link back to your brand, this will boost your website position on Google. Another standout reason to know is that Google treats mentions as implied links! These suggested links will work just as hard as a back links.

PR Builds Influence: Like in life, PR is about building relationships and influence. When a respected third-party endorses your brand, your company will gain brand credibility from the earned media.

Evergreen Content: High-quality, evergreen content isn’t just for press releases or pitching a story idea to a publication. Writing the evergreen content as a blog post is equally effective to get media’s attention and will drive SEO ranking at a minimal investment.

Last Pointers To Help You Start A Digital PR Program

We both know that most press releases offer no value, mainly when they are poorly written, distributed like spam and effectively ignored. Don’t be sloppy with your press release. If you take pride in your brand, you’ll want to receive the recognition it deserves. Done right, your press releases can provide high impact, and targeted press releases can lead to valuable media mentions.

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