When I meet clients to discuss their business blog, they are usually frustrated by the lack of interest and engagement their customers and audience have with their content.

I can certainly understand their disappointment. After all, with all the facts and positive reviews on the value of content marketing and how it can shorten the sales cycle and increase lead generation, why then it is more difficult for some companies to develop a successful content marketing program?

The number one reason is that their content is stingy.

Stingy Blog Content

secrets of a stingy blogStingy content happens when you’ve convinced yourself that there is nothing new to discuss, the industry is slow, lacks innovation, too competitive, or you believe you’ll be giving away trade secrets to the competition – for free.  The list is long and closed minds makes progress hard for it to move ahead. And, yes there is a bit of lack of creativity added to the recipe of what makes a Stingy Blog.

As a result, corporate blogs are annoying, boring and just plain stingy. But here’s the thing that matters, your website needs fresh content. Content is king when it comes to SEO.

How can your business not have a stingy blog? Here are my seven tips:

Develop Leadership Thought

I hear your eyes roll. I know you’ve read this before and you’re tired of the same rhetoric. Think case studies, testimonials and research-based seminars.

If you have a company president who has a natural leadership charm or someone in senior management who is comfortable in public speaking, get their commitment, interview them and put their thoughts on paper. Introduce topics that are broad and at the same time, important in your industry, such as:

  • What your industry is doing to help the environment
  • How you implemented a mentorship program that works at your company
  • Why you decided to create an HR Marketing program
  • Where is your industry going, an annual review of the industry’s past and future success

These are just a few examples of leadership style thinking. Of course, if you’re not a writer that’s where the professional content marketers come in. They’ll sit with you to learn about your vision, what’s drives you to want to build your business and put all this into words.

“Branding a Process” Makes For Great Content Ideas

Does your business focus on customer service or perhaps developed an in-house process to serve the industry better. You may want to promote this unique service. Your content marketing is designed to create awareness, build interest and sell your niche service, method or product and at the same time will also develop your brand differentiation.

By creating a brand around this service, process or philosophy, it will allow you to expand your blog’s content. Create a logo for this niche service or product you’ve developed. Once done, finding relevant content to write should go faster.

Of course, the challenge is how not to give away your trade secrets, but there are ways to write about what makes you stand apart from the competition. 

Think Like A Magazine For Content

Have you ever wondered how so many fashion magazines survive? And, yet, they all have a brand place in their industry. Each month they can publish tons of content on their blog and print magazine. Their magazine includes features, opinions, trends and tips. They put the reader first, as so should you when setting up your blog. Who are you writing for, what are they looking for and where do they want to read your content?

Another style of content you may want to consider is a monthly feature. A monthly feature has the potential to be an evergreen content, one that can live for years online giving you great SEO for your site. Written in a way where information is in-depth and relevant, a timeless article shared again and again. Because a feature article typically takes time and resources to develop, you may want to write about four a year. For a B2B company, a feature article could be about Best Practices and How-To Guides.

Integrate Blog Content With Sales Journey

When developing your content, it should follow closely with your sales funnel. Why? Because this will also help you define what kind of material you’ll prepare for your blog and other places you plan on publishing your content. There is the Top of the Sales Funnel, and the Bottom Of the Sales Funnel and each place in your customer sales journey should have specific content.

Blog content could focus more on Top of Sales Funnel with brand differentiation and positioning content, while subscribers to your newsletter could receive Bottom Of the Sales Funnel with case studies and product sales.

Remember to test often different styles of content. From awareness, interest, competitive positioning, to the preferred supplier, your content is a powerful tool that will help to shorten your sales cycle and even close the deal.

Get Personal With Photos

One of the most accessible investments and will go a long way for your blog’s popularity.  Commit to developing a robust database of original and personal photos just for your company blog. Hire a professional photographer; they are affordable!  Photos should include trade shows, client events, company family style outings, product launches, reception area and more.

Redefine The Purpose Of Your Corporate’s Blog

If you’ve started and stopped your corporate blog, you probably need to redefine the reason you would want a blog.

Basically, a blog has two important jobs, it provides fresh content for search engines to pick up and build up your keywords to improve your SEO.

Additional benefits of a corporate blog include the following:

  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Develop brand differentiation
  • Generate sales leads
  • Improve employee morale
  • Maintains relevance to industry and community
  • Show the people behind the brand
  • Opportunity for content to be picked up and published in trade magazines, leading online magazines that are relevant to your business.

Before you relaunch your business blog, make sure you have senior management’s commitment and agreement on content and editorial line-up. Agree to its purpose, why does your company need a blog?  Don’t go and build your content marketing alone; it will show.

Look Outside Your Industry

Take inspiration from your favourite blogs outside of your industry, like inviting guest bloggers, showcasing other blogs and having the occasional contest.  Just brainstorming here, for your business blog you can encourage a trade journalist and give five questions to answer or showcase one of your employee’s blog.

Bring In The Experts!

We know you do a lot and chances are you don’t have time to write for your blog. That’s what we’ll do; we’re your team. Contact us today and let’s get started!


About the Author Cecilia

I am a marketing communications specialist, strategist, problem solver and founder of The Marketing Boutique. Services also include competitive analysis, public relations, content marketing to help companies reach their business goals.

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