One Brand Message That Connects

It’s a common practice with many B2B companies. The all-important brand message get’s built based on well-meaning colleagues who pass through your office and give you their one suggestion on what makes the company stand out. This is usually backed-up with personal declarations such as; “I’ve been in this business for a long time, we’re known for this, or that’s what our customers say!”

And, while all this is good and true, you know there’s excitement missing in the message. Something is off with your advertising campaign. So, you go to the sales team and ask them, “What are we good at Company XYZ? Each one will have their own opinion and state, “Service, sales, the ability to combine part a with part b”, the list goes on and on.

The president will demand to add more words to the brand message. His version needs an “and”; and no matter how many times you rewrite, edit and check the thesaurus, his version is one long sentence with an “AND”! Let’s not forget about the dude who insists on adding “ing” to the brand message – resist!

You have listened to everyone, edited the creative and find yourself looking at the updated advertisement that is overwhelming and annoying at the same time. As you look at your work, you can’t avoid the feeling any longer. Your marketing campaigns, sales promotions and creative are blah!

Hold up! You can fix it. Step back and start with this question: “Who are we?”

Who are we?

Who are we? It’s one powerful question that will define your brand message. If you can answer this question, you will find your advertising, brochures; campaigns will have better creatives and carry an explicit message that connects with your audience. This question moves you away from product domination, long feature lists and application how-to boredom.

Ask it now and discover – does your company keep people safe, connect today with tomorrow, solve dirty problems, provide light for those who can’t see or protect what’s important?

Do you see what happens? You’ve connected one relevant emotion with your audience. Now that’s a brand message.

Add The Word “Because” Makes One Brand Message

If you think it’s hard to manage multiple brand messages, imagine what your target audience is thinking. Probably not much since they have so many messages to remember.

Should this be your company, add the word “because” at the end of your answer. If you can state something confidently and accurately, this is your brand message. “Our company keeps people safe because we are the only ones that offer service x in our market.”

The point here is this – if you think that having multiple brand messages is a good thing – stop it! Stop the madness. You need one right message and drive it home – hard!

The Emotional Connection

Your company isn’t that important. Okay, it is, I wanted to make sure you’re still listening. Because what matters is the emotional connection. When your brand connects on an emotional level with what you do, you’ll find your audience and even with a broader community who will sincerely like and connect with your brand.

Now you have the tools to create a great brand message, go out and be grand!

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