Why Corporate Events Matter

You are probably thinking that hosting a corporate event in today’s economy is a dumb idea. After all, you’ve sent your ‘Happy Holiday’ card and even took your top clients out to lunch, so what’s the big deal about a corporate function, anyway?

Most likely during lunch with your client, you spent 50% of your time talking business. And, while you will never admit it, your client is probably thinking that this lunch is well deserved considering all the money they’ve sent you’re way.

Not quite the outcome you wanted, and you still spent $150.00.

Now take that amount as a cost-per-person when you are designing your budget. What are valid goals to host a corporate event? A good feel, thank you, glad we’re in business together corporate function, one that:

  • Entertains: Give your clients the unexpected. They won’t assume it is a well-deserved treat, instead, they will be thinking, ‘Wow, you care!’
  • Engages: Amplifies your Brand Position: Yes, how you say thank you for your business lends to your brand image. You don’t have to have a yearly corporate function during the holidays, consider one every 5 years or something less costly, as a summer bar-b-q.
  • Appreciates: Shows Appreciation: Don’t talk business. Your client will probably think that you will “talk shop” at one point during this corporate party. But you should continue to surprise and delight them by making the evening all about them. They will really love you for it.

Team Building

Now that’s you’ve got your overall goals established to hold a corporate function, you’re next step is implementation. This is an excellent time to bring in employees who want to help, so let them! Not only does it help to foster team spirit, but having employees be a part of the corporate event team helps to break the monotony of some type of work. It’s a win-win for you, clients and staff – all good things!

What You Need For a Successful Corporate Event

Here’s an insider tip to having a successful corporate event – make sure there are people on this team who had experience in corporate event planning. You may even want to consider hiring a professional event planner for your first important event.

Other important points are:

  1. Remind your sales staff and senior management that the corporate event is not a time to discuss business. It is a time to nurture relationships and put a face to other departments, like Research and Development, Product Development and other departments that are usually in the background.
  2. Set Timing of Event: One popular time to hold a corporate event is during a large trade show. During a trade show makes it easy for everyone, all the large heavy hitters will be in the same city, same day and the same time. You’ll just need to compete with other corporate events.
  3. Brand a Theme: Because you’ll be hosting a corporate event during a trade show, you’ll need to create a theme, one that gets everyone excited about going to your party over everyone else’s!
  4. Don’t Add Social Media: You’ve heard it here first. Put the emphasis on your guests. Take the time to network, talk, listen, and tell a joke! Forget about promoting your event on social media, you can do this after the party. And, really you should be working your social media platforms with or without the event! This evening is all about your customers!

The Take-Away For Having A Corporate Event


And, remember to have fun!

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