Great Copywriting, the Heart of Sales Funnel Strategy

With all the digital marketing platforms we have today, the ability to write as an advertising copywriter is a growing trend and an important skill set to bring on for any small business.

And, that’s because the job of a copywriter is to create content that sells.

Copywriting as part of your sales funnel

As your competition grows in the major social media platforms that help their site in search optimization, it is most likely because they are producing exciting and informative content.

And, creating original content that is relevant and intriguing is more challenging than ever, which is why copywriting has come to play a significant role in any business that wants to increase their sales funnel.

But, most people think copywriting is writing. It’s not!

Copywriting is persuasion. Copywriting is artful writing and purposeful. Catchy headlines, engaging newsletters, and witty Facebook posts that help your targeted audience to share, comment, like and eventually buy – is copywriting. More importantly, copywriting has moved online!

Get found in the sea of digital communications

It’s not just the competition you need to worry about; it is getting found on the Internet, showing a consistent and authentic brand throughout your distribution has driven the need for copywriting in the forefront!

But mastering Google algorithms is another thing altogether, especially when artsy copywriting is in the mix. Do we write as we see fit to engage with our audience or do we write to make Google happy?

The dynamic writing style of copywriting will help move your reader into action. And, techniques like SEO improve the visibility of your content is equally crucial given the competitiveness of marketing in the digital landscape. Sometimes the two do not match up.

Great copywriting starts at the heart of the brand

Even if your plan includes the goal to expand the sales funnel, in the end, great copywriting starts at the heart of the Brand! That’s why our philosophy is to write a good story for our clients first, and the search engines will follow!

As an agency that offers Copywriting services, we create meaningful messages that resonate the target audience, building brand trust and in a style that fits the brand voice of our clients.

When we develop content for our clients, we first package the brand message in the most efficient way to boost brand leadership, moving words around to improve the appeal for their audience and build the trust of that product or service.

Where should you emphasize copywriting style in your business?

With boring copywriting on your site and your visitors will be history in a heat beat. Face it. Your site needs to show and excite your visitors immediately, and they need reassurance of why they like you.

Copywriting is not just for websites! Take a look!

  • Newsletters
  • Direct Response
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Landing Pages
  • Blog Posts
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Trade Show Booths
  • Social Media Posts
  • Events and Invitations
  • Product Packaging
  • Select Web Pages
  • Video Scripts
  • Commercials, Television and Radio Ads
  • Print Advertising
  • Press Releases

From this long list, the important factor to remember is that your audience has so many outlets to read about your brand. As a copywriter, I know firsthand that each point of interaction with your target audience must communicate a clear and consistent message.

The Final Word

Think you need a copywriter? Send us your brief, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that we will quickly grasp your industry, and write crisp, concise copy!


Written by Ruby Simpson – As the Junior Content Creator at The Marketing Boutique, I aim to create the right brand message, engaging social media campaigns and forever, evergreen content for the Agency and our clients! Follow @themktboutique


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