Email Marketing Programs: The Right Way

Email Marketing Programs, Write Well and The Right Stuff 

2016 reported that 80% of marketers used email marketing as part of their integrated marketing communications plan. While it is a great tactic for any small businesses, the ability to minimize churn rate, the percentage of customers that leave your list in a given period is an ongoing challenge.

So, what makes a great newsletter that will reduce churn rate?

We’ll break it down for you in today’s post! We are going to give simple, straightforward tips to help improve your Email Marketing Programs and better manage any newsletter campaign planned for 2017.

Why are newsletters an important marketing and sales tool?

  • Email Marketing Programs builds “brand trust”; it is an extension of your brand message.
  • Email Marketing Programs offers consistent communication with your target audience, reminding them of why they should choose you!
  • Email Marketing Programs creates deeper relationships with your customers by providing them with exclusive content, special promotions, and personal messages. Exclusive content contributes to building brand loyalty.

How will my B2B business benefit from an Email Marketing Campaign?

  • Email Marketing Programs will help to increase sales. You can introduce add-on products or complimentary services that your customer may not have been aware of initially.
  • Email Marketing Programs will also shorten your sales cycle. Once you have established a trusted brand relationship with your clients through your newsletter campaign, you’ll find it easier to close more sales.

How can I develop a newsletter program?

Be Direct

  1.  Use simple, direct subject lines to capture your subscriber’s attention. You don’t want them to delete your email without even taking a glance.
  2. Have a clear call-to-action. A newsletter can take many forms, to informational, drive sales, news update or needing customer feedback.
  3. Learn how to use headers, buttons and other graphics in your newsletter template, as it will encourage audience engagement and benefit your email’s performance.

Be Strategic

  1. Establish the objective for implementing an Email Campaign Program.
  2. Ensure that you have the workforce and the skill set to create fresh content.
  3. Provide content variety. Alternate between text-oriented and image-oriented newsletters.
  4. Understand email marketing metrics! Newsletters are most likely to be opened at specific times: between 9am-12am and between Tuesday and Thursday. Afternoons, evenings, and Mondays and Fridays are when most people ignore newsletters. Schedule accordingly!

Be Adaptable

  1. Stay current and make sure your newsletter template is mobile-friendly and flexible, as 40% of us now use our mobile phones to receive emails. Otherwise, your hard work will be deleted!
  2. Be flexible with subscription delivery options, as this will help reduce the number of subscribers you lose. Some of your readers may find daily newsletters to be too disruptive. If you give them the option to choose how often they receive content from you, they’re much less likely to unsubscribe.

Make It Personal

  1. Consider creating different email lists based on the content that your customers want to receive. Targeted lists allow you to personalize the content, and help to define the goal of your Email Marketing Program. Your audience will be more interested in your brand, and you’ll get a better sense of what kind of content they are most interested in receiving.

And lastly, a few important best practice tips to help you retain your audience:

  • Avoid jargon in your subject headings
  • Always write with proper grammar

Whether you need to increase sales, shorten the sales cycle, or create better client relations, I hope you’ll use these easy tips in your next newsletter. Certainly, Email Marketing Programs are a great tactic that should be a part of your marketing communications plan.


Before I sign off, I want to leave you with these top takeaways!

  1. Email Marketing Programs are an excellent way to increase audience engagement, encourage brand loyalty, and increase sales.
  2. Successful newsletters must be personalized, direct and adaptable to the needs of your audience.
  3. Email Marketing Programs are a must have in any small B2B company’s Marketing Communications Plan.

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One Comment on “Email Marketing Programs: The Right Way

  1. Great article. An email marketing program is successful based on the time and commitment warrented.

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