Social Media Marketing Training Programs


Social Media Marketing Training

Social Media is constantly evolving. Today, it is a brand maker, a lead generator, a competitive tracker and a sharer of all things. As an early-stage company, or a small manufacturing company, do you really not want to be a part of this new brand development world? We’ll work with you in platform building, goal setting, content creation, lead tracking and program management. Tailored to meet your digital marketing goals.

Our social media training program includes learning how to build your brand personality, create an authentic voice and generate the type of content that people want to read and share. You will also learn how to efficiently bridge digital marketing with lead generation, build a community and understand people’s behaviour behind the technology.

Social Media Training Program includes:

  • Goal setting
  • How to conduct lead generation using social media
  • Development of Brand Persona
  • Best practices on LinkedIn and Facebook platforms
  • How and where to social sell
  • Content development, brand styling and editorial calendar development
  • Oversee creative, images and brand positioning
  • Applicable technologies for social media
  • SEO best practices
  • Reporting Set-Up

The Social Media Training is held at your location or via Skype, and we can also tailor the training program based on your specific needs.

Advertising Campaign

We’ll help you develop a mix of earned and paid media. Great, sharable content with paid ads create powerful and immediate brand awareness. If you find yourself plugging away content on social media with no success, check out “Three Steps To Save Your Social Media Program“, this blog post clarifies the essential development for a social media program.

Campaigns and promotions

Campaigns, promotions, and other online marketing initiatives will increase your budget, but based on your goals, it could be worth the investment. Social media is considered a tool for brand awareness and for some businesses, a lead generation sales channel.

Part of the social media training includes helping you divide your budget according to your goals, execution, management and results. Planning stage sets aside time, resources and creativity for the campaign. We’ll also help you decide on how many campaigns you want to run per year, content and creative strategy, and who should oversee the social media program and campaigns.

Brand Positioning

I’ll say it again and again, content is king on the Internet. And, social media has shown itself to be successful when you have engaging and personal photos. Part of the training will include helping you decide how many posts you need for all your platforms. This is where you may want to outsource this job to a content writer because writing for social media takes up a lot of time and resources.

Hire Us First, Bring It In Later!

We get it. Every business is different in their staff resources and expertise. That’s why it’s important we have many options for you to choose when it comes to your digital marketing. You may initially want to hire us, build the program with the goal to bring the social media marketing in-house.

From basic best practices, advertising to campaign development, your team will receive our full knowledge and expertise to get them up and running! The choice is yours. Why not contact us to discuss how we can work with you?

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