Food Bloggers of Canada, Workshop Update and More!

I had the wonderful opportunity to write for Food Bloggers of Canada and it was all about how to create a brand leader. Brand Leadership is more than just blogging everyday or being another foodie – it requires commitment, originality and constantly learning about your craft, including being open to critiques and change.

But more importantly, it starts with why – why should the millions of readers want to stop and read your blog, register to get your newsletter and spend money on your newly published cook book. What do you, as a brand, bring to the world that your competition does not?Hard questions, for sure. But worth the time to evaluate how your business is viewed to the thousands of other food bloggers. Read the full article here.

Brand Management Workshop

If you are in Montreal and would like to know more about branding, then consider our Brand Management Workshop. More details here. If you can’t make it, we’ve updated our Branded! course.  It is awesome, if we don’t stay it ourselves, details below.

Branded! The 5-Week Brand Building Program

Branded-Updated-The Marketing Boutique

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive Brand Management Business plan, check out the totally updated  online program, the Branded, the online brand management course.

Our program is based on past experience, the latest marketing trends, solid strategies and tactics that build a competitive brand, and contains everything you need to know to help beat your competition.

What the online program includes:
✔ Templates and downloads to help you create your customized brand program
✔ Clear steps and weekly assignments to help you develop your very own Brand Action Plan
✔ Brand Case Studies to clarify different strategies
5-Week Online Course, self-paced & always available
✔ A 10-part email support course

Register Today ▸

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