The Dos & Don’ts of Social Media Etiquette

Social media is becoming an essential communication strategy and a valuable skill to have for any size of business and if you are looking to build your personal brand.

However, social media has an immediate negative response should you do or say something that your community or public at large disagrees. This post will help you develop your best self and an influential voice with social media etiquette.

1. Embrace who you are!  Always speak with the awareness that you are speaking in public, while you maintain true to yourself.

2. Be transparent. Unlike traditional companies, social media etiquette requires that you disclose any business relationship you have with a company. In addition, if you have or will have financial support or sponsorship to anything you post or promote.

3. Play by the rules. Take your time and learn the rules of each platform. All of these rules are unwritten, but many people have written posts on how to properly engage on social media. In addition, if you work for a company, read their social media policy before you engage online.

4. Engage. It is considered good etiquette that you respond in a timely manner, however, from experience this means that you need to ‘be online’ all the time. So, I think this is a grey zone. Also, it is very good of you to like, share and answer questions so that it is now always about you. Listen to the community first before responding. Remember to follow the rules of three, give, give, get and you should be okay. Or the other popular saying, “be a friend to get a friend.”

5. Less sales content and more interesting content. It is important to understand how much you share about yourself, balanced with good content while building an engaged community.

6. Quality versus Quantity. Once you’re on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll find yourself testing all the tricks of the trade, like hashtags (#). However, most people tend to add too many hashtags, which actually weakens your message.

7. Don’t be spammy! As you build your network on LinkedIn, don’t promote the same sales copy in all 20 groups, and only update your profile to sell something. Again, people are looking for quality content. Be mindful of how many promotional messages you send as it will be on their feed and you’ll be disturbing your community’s social media experience.

8. Have a goal with your sharing. Again, be mindful of your motivation when you share. Are you upset about your neighbour’s dog, need more sales or want to be seen as a leader. Today’s research shows that we are or want to be seen as the content we share.

9. Give credit where credit is due. Acknowledge the people who have supported your company or has helped to share your brand message to their community.

10. Facebook Etiquette. Facebook allows you to create different timelines for different people. Also, people on Facebook can be tagged, remember to ask before you tag people. Because Facebook allows you to add your high school, highlight your favourite restaurant and friends, accepting a friend request from a stranger can be dangerous – so proceed with caution.

11. LinkedIn Etiquette. Employers and clients will check your profile, don’t over states your accomplishments and represent yourself accurately. Don’t sell using private messages. Again, don’t over share.

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Your thoughts?

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