5 Steps to Outsource Your Marketing and Not Lose Your Brand

More and more companies want to outsource their marketing and communication programs but they are either over-whelmed by the idea of managing one more person or unsure of where to start. For this post, we give you 5 important steps to Outsource Your Marketing and Not Lose Your Brand Voice!

1.  Create a Brand Profile

It doesn’t have to be a long document. Start by defining the brand characteristics, any do’s and don’ts for the brand, for example, “the brand will always be seen as positive” or “we are a trend setter” and also include the response to “Why?”.  Why does your brand have these characteristics and why is your brand always positive.

2. Start Small

When you will start with us and if you are unsure about our skill set, we always suggest to start with something small. This not only helps to build a relationship, it also gives you better control and work out the kinks, if any. For example, should we work on a newsletter for you, even with a 12 month editorial calendar that we’ve worked together, sometimes we may end up writing something that will not fit with your brand. Since we started small, it will give you the time review, provide comments and for us to fix it fast!

3. Enjoy The Process

Really great marketing professionals will eventually want to push the boundary of what makes your brand unique. We ask questions, we build, reinforce and protect our customers’ reputation and brands through consistency and expertise. We constantly analyze online marketing results, and make the improvements necessary to ensure success – all towards creating a great brand.

4. Treat Us Like An Insider

Instead of working with the adage of “need-to-know” bases, work with the more information you give us the better. Once we understand your company liked we’ve been there for 10 years, the better we can create that newsletter, that trade show and know when and what key messages to push to your target market.

5. Ask Us
We have partnerships with a wide variety of resource and the expertise to focus on your marketing initiatives to create a unified brand that delivers a consistent message. So go ahead, and ask us!

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