There was one popular person on social media, who stated that his thousands of followers were…”his tribe” and the word stuck! Now we all need a tribe. If we don’t have a tribe, we are less of a person, an unworthy business and Google won’t even like us.

It’s the race for mass accumulation of people and anyone will do. And, so we post, create posters with other people’s words, take photos of our cat for Facebook, create Pinterest boards of our Monday lunches, all in an effort to build a social media tribe.

Yet, there are still so many of us that won’t join your social media tribe and many more will start to leave and that’s because:

1. Your Tribe is Your Business.

Like everything that is social media, community building was about being together with like-minded people….until Google and advertisers realized there was financial value in having a large community all in one place and, ergo… you started to make money! That’s right. As soon as you’ve changed your focus to ‘be a business’ your social media tribe is now a target market and you’re not sharing anymore, you’re selling. Welcome to marketing. Oh, you’re different, you don’t do marketing….sure, you don’t….sure, you don’t…

2. You sell too fast.

Why do you need to force-feed me the email subscribe pop-up page as soon as I land on your website? I don’t even know you. And, because you sell too fast, you need to give things away…for free! Yippee, welcome to the world of fermium, from Modern Marketing techniques, the theory that tells you to share, share, share and you’ll get back more than what you give out.

3. Value has not changed, you did…

People still want value, whether it is for a product, service or being part of a social media tribe. However, the economic value of staying in your community decreases the more you increase promoting your affiliates, your book and financial supporters. You’ve changed dude, you’ve changed.

4. You’re working backwards

Traditional marketing starts with an understanding of the complexities of the benefits that is required to adequately market either a product or service. With Market research support, this makes it possible for us to determine the level of interest that the public has for particular products or services and the amount of money the public would be willing to pay.

But, online personalities start by building their community first and without a clear focus on what their benefits are or who is their social media community.

When advertisers start to pay for your time to sell their products, your community starts to wane interest. The result in this popular online personality now needs to increase their online marketing activity. They start to bombard your Facebook feed with more posts, videos, more interviews, more free stuff and they’ll also will write a book, make personal appearances, contests and even, get more personal, until it just gets weird.

5. You invest in the wrong areas

I recently met someone who was going to spend $7K on a coaching program. It was one of these love the life you want, love yourself, believe in yourself, dream the dream programs.

As I asking her questions about the program, I realized that for $7K, there was no solid business advice provided. No brand theory, market research, SWOT analysis, sales forecasting, who, what why and so on?!

Why not spend $89.00 on our Branded online management course (Yes, I had to put this in) and I’m sure you will be happy with the course before you spend that kind of money on a coach.


About the Author Cecilia

I am a marketing communications specialist, strategist, problem solver and founder of The Marketing Boutique. Services also include competitive analysis, public relations, content marketing to help companies reach their business goals.