Essential Tips For Facebook Advertising

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Copy Blogger wasn’t getting qualified likes or followers on his Facebook business page, claiming it was not beneficial for his brand. He had tried a number of things, from deleting junk fans, blocking those fans and then trying Facebook advertising in an effort to reach his actual fan base, with poor results. In the end, he deleted his Facebook business page.

Personally, this action looks like someone taking a tantrum, a popular blogger who can’t get his likes on Facebook, “so I’m leaving”!

What if we take technology out of the equation and look at who really rules Facebook…could this have been his real problem… that he didn’t know how to communicate to this particular audience? That his content was boring to the Facebook community?

Let’s look at Facebook in a different perspective, which may help you develop a good advertising program for Facebook.

1- Understand Facebook Algorithm

The good news is that Facebook will first distribute your post, and if you get shares and comments from your real fans, Facebook will actually increase the distribution of this post.

However, if you get lots of fake likes, Facebook will actually lower your post’s level of engagement making it harder for your page to ever reach its intended audience. This was Copy Blogger’s frustration, that his posts were not being shared or commented by his fan base.

You can tell who these fake fans are, people who have odd Facebook profiles, for example, have liked hundreds and hundreds of brands that make no sense and have never share or comment on any of the brands they have liked.

2 – What’s Facebook

Facebook is a strange beast. It is the only platform that doesn’t have best practices like Twitter or LinkedIn, it’s content is not limited to Instagram or Pinterest or follows any hard and fast rules like Blogging.

Facebook is messy, posts are random; it blends family, friends, business, politics, religion and hobbies altogether. There is freedom, unconstricted behaviour on Facebook, thus making your business page harder to connect and get real likes on Facebook.

3 – Who’s on Facebook?

Women rule Facebook. Mommies rule Facebook. Mom-entrepreneur, solo entrepreneur, happiness coaches, lifestyle coaches, teachers, crafters, vegans, cooks, local shops, local bakeries, local restaurants and so on.

Then we have groups for college students, high school students and university alumni. Groups that simply promote their products, sell milk glass, get help with their list building programs, help with their WordPress, help with social media and other types of technology. There are even prayer groups on Facebook.

These are not groups that are self-aware like LinkedIn groups, these hold nothing back, will ask for help with their business and get the right answers!

Facebook attracts a lot of hams. If you’ve been yearning to get noticed, then Facebook is your platform.

Facebook replaces websites for lots of solo entrepreneurs. You will see a bodybuilder trainer, turned wellness coach with 5,000 likes with no website.

And, finally we have the popular brands on Facebook, from Zara, Levis, H&M, Martha Stewart and Fanta are just some of the popular ‘consumer’ brands. In other words, Facebook users like consumer brands.

Let’s put all this together to help you successfully advertise on Facebook? Here are our essential recommendations.

5 Steps for Facebook Advertising

  1. Stop evaluating Facebook on pure demographics. You need to get on Facebook and do your own research
  2. Become familiar with the audience on Facebook, in particular, what they are sharing, how do groups behave and so on.
  3. Develop a targeted Content Strategy just for Facebook
  4. Look outside your competition to help you generate ideas for your content strategy., because developing content for Facebook is not a straight line!
  5. Test your ad and call to action, Facebook Advertising is affordable. Test it now because it becomes expensive.

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