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You’re a small business owner looking to get customers in the door. The obvious place to start is your website, but let’s face it – if a potential client searches for a service you offer and your site isn’t one page 1, you’re losing business. The good news is organic search results can be improved by a few simple SEO processes. Let’s start working on getting your small business on page 1 of search results with these 5 easy tips.

1- Write content in rich snippets

In the past, if you searched for “yoga studio Ontario,” the results that would pop up would be web sites and pages that had yoga, yoga, yoga littered throughout the page. Ever tried getting the lowdown on a “silent yoga retreat in Ontario” where every site listed was just yoga?

New search engine algorithms are searching more structured data in the form of content rich snippets. Your challenge as the author of your business blog is to include rich snippets in your text that will match search queries (…that lead to organic clicks!), all the while producing content that is engaging for your community of readers and meaningful in relation to your brand and sales objectives as a small business owner.

2- Customize your URL slugs

If you’re using a blog platform to manage your website’s content, you can easily customize the way your URL appears. If you let the content management system generate its own slug, you are likely to end up with a post URL that looks something like this:

This, however, says nothing about your business and doesn’t give search engines much to go on. A better URL slug would be:

3- Rock your headlines with headers

Your blog post can and should do a lot of work to get your “silent yoga retreat in Ontario” to page one. Most WordPress templates have a built-in header feature that actually does a lot more than just change the font and size of your text. Yes, it does make your text easier to read and help to organize your content, but the coding on the backend also tells search engine algorithms what is most important on your site. For instance, having “Ontario Yoga Studio” in Header1- or as Google prefers < h1 > – tells search engines to give that text priority.

4- Put your images to work

That breathtaking shot of you doing the perfect pigeon pose on a beach is a great way to get your customers to sign up, but only if they find your business’ site to see it! Saving your images with keywords that compliment and/or match your blog post will definitely help get them to your website. In other words, save images as “yoga-studio-ontario.jpg” instead of “IMG1234568.jpg”.

5- Add Geo-Tagging

The internet can be a big wide world, so one of the easiest SEO tricks to increase visitors in your business’ local area is by adding geo-tagged data to your site. When prospective customers in your neighbourhood search for a “silent yoga retreat in Ontario”, bam, your location will show up.

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