To change things up a bit, for this post I thought it would be fun if we curated some of what is considered today’s best content on digital marketing.

Get out of the content creation hamster wheel

Natalie Lussier provides her top 10 best tips on expanding your content creation, especially helpful if you already have a ton of content already posted on your website and feeling a bit drained.

How to measure habits

If part of your sales strategy includes repeat sales from your website, then take a few minutes to read this post from the blog, Business, Behavior, and the Brain.  While I feel some of his content is not new vis-a-vis marketing, he does provide current insight to online shopping behavior.

How to get your customers to buy now!

Derek Halpern shows us how offering two different prices for the same product, where one product includes expanded features to go with the price increase will increase sales. This is especially true if you only have one product offering, which makes it difficult for the prospective buyer to place a value on this single product. In other words, if you are serious about selling online, don’t just sell one product.

Email Marketing wins Gold! Infographic

Direct from Direct marketing magazine with a great infographic on email marketing. Two take-aways, 1) include a trigger to your newsletters and 2) open rates are higher with personalized emails.

Is the Buy Button More Powerful Than Your Headline?

If you are a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to your website, Joanna Wiebe provides today’s practices in how-to write for your website including formatting and layout to close more sales.

8 Reasons Why Social Media Is Not The Problem For Your Company

Social media can’t help a company who is struggling with sales. James clearly writes what is social media and that you need to measure how much content you are producing and the value you are giving your audience – which doesn’t translate to closing a sale but in brand building.

Does B2B Sales Do Better With Social Selling

More and more companies are depending on social media to do the selling for them, but have you compared the time and expense of social media to traditional tactics?

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