Listing Building Tactics Using Facebook

Create one idea for another 300List building program should include creating engagement with your community as well as getting your target audience to like your social media platforms.

Once they ‘like you’, you have a better opportunity to move them towards your sales funnel – newsletter or trial offer or contact you to find out more information – because the will see your newsfeed.

Why Facebook?

Facebook has over 1.28 billion registered people, with 802 million people who get on Facebook on a daily basis. Women, aged 25 – 34 years of age make up 29% of these users. With that, if you sell mommy products or direct your services to women – you need to be on Facebook.

What to do on Facebook.

  1. Add a photo with each update. Photos on Facebook receives 53% more likes than the average post. Make sure its a great photo!
  2. Change your Facebook Page Cover Photo, often. Cover photos should be about new services, contests and other offers and your fans and followers will see the change in their news feed.
  3. Create offers, often. This may sound excessive, but think of your Facebook business page like a retail store. How own does your shop send you specials? Often!
  4. Join groups & the conversation: You may not find the right group, but all small steps help you move towards helping you build your list
  5. Add the right apps. Selecting the right app will help build your list and/or fan base. Newsletter app, like for content app are just a couple you should be adding.

On Demand Workshops

Your thoughts?

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