Thought I would give a few easy tips on helping you optimize your About Page on your website and blog.  Especially since the content on your website impacts the purchase decisions of your prospective buyer, it’s become essential that you showcase your winning personality not just on blog posts but also on all your webpages to help convert a visitor to a sales lead.

  1. Tell a story: Don’t try to sell. Instead write about how you got into the business, a brief history or a funny story about you growing up, for example, “My mother always told me that….”
  2. Re-enforce your unique selling proposition: This is the place to clearly state what you bring to the table and why they need to choose you!
  3. Target some keywords for SEO:  Do a test on a variety of key words and when you find the perfect blend for your blog, add these phrases to you title, meta, and copy. But don’t completely fill this page or any page with only keywords, as Google will consider the page deceptive and may ignore your site.
  4. Show Certifications: Social Media courses, Google Analytics or any other certifications that lends itself to helping you build your followers, clients or fan base, add them to your About Page.
  5. Add Geo-tag:  Great application for SEO, especially if you are selling local.  If you can’t add this then consider adding in your page, “Located in the lovely area of X, close to shops and parks”, or something like that to increase your keyword on that page.
  6. Reinforce Brand Trust: Include testimonials, client’s logos and other images on you and your services in your About Page. Even photos of you doing a presentation or at a trade show will help to build brand trust. But note that photos needs to tell a story, don’t just put your summer company party if you can’t answer why this helps to build brand trust.
  7. Call to action:  Don’t forget to add the all important, Subscribe to our newsletter! And, while you’re here, why not subscribe to our newsletter!
  8. Link to other pages in your web site: Don’t forget to help your readers move to other places in your web site by linking to other pages including that really good blog posts you’ve written.
  9. Images & HTML: Don’t use images to display important names, content, or links without adding the ALT attributes. Google will not recognize text contained in graphics. Obviously, point 8 should be implemented throughout the site where you have photos.

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About the Author Cecilia

I am a marketing communications specialist, strategist, problem solver and founder of The Marketing Boutique. Services also include competitive analysis, public relations, content marketing to help companies reach their business goals.


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  2. Hi Cesar,

    Thanks for stopping by and providing us information on your SEO keywords tool. I just want to remind our readers that I’ve never tried your platform, so I can’t comment and that they should do their own research before committing to using any Keyword Tool.

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